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In Good Companies

Small and mid-sized businesses are the engine of our economy. They’re how people turn their passions into their livelihood – truly the “American Dream”. But owning a business isn’t easy. You need to juggle internal and external forces – interest rates and human interest, supply chain and chain of command. A great leader has a challenging responsibility: look in, while looking out.

That’s where Cadence Bank can help. On “In Good Companies” we put together our extensive knowledge to guide you through the forces shaping business today – inside and out. Hosted by Executive Vice President Patrick Pacheco, who has over 25 years of experience in trust and asset management, you’ll hear from real businesses and subject matter experts to tackle the big issues:

  • What’s driving inflation?
  • How do you effectively lead a team?
  • Why is culture more important than ever?

It’s the information you need, all in one place. If you have a business, or are thinking of starting one, this podcast will give you the strategies to help you navigate opportunities and the financial and managerial tools to put you “In Good Companies”.


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Season 3: Forces Shaping Your Business

Episode 1: Hire Education: How to Perfect Your Hiring Process

And we’re back! Welcome to Season 3 of In Good Companies. On this episode, learn the best practices for every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to salary negotiation.

Episode 2: Sounds Good: Sonic Branding and You

These days, everyone is vying for our attention. One way to break through the clutter is to focus on ears instead. It’s called “sonic branding.” Learn about the opportunities and challenges of building a sonic brand.

Episode 3: Workforce: The Next Generation

We explore why young workers are a valuable resource, the most effective recruiting methods, and what you can do to help these employees succeed once they’re inside your company.

Episode 4: The CX Factor: Creating Standout Customer Experience

In this episode, we’ll explore the building blocks of exceptional CX: how you measure, design and implement CX. Plus, why CX creates more efficient, innovative and aligned companies.

Episode 5: All You Need Is Love: The Origins of “Love as a Business Strategy

On this episode, we’re telling a story about how a leader learned to love his team and, in doing so, transformed his company and himself.

Episode 6: Everlasting Love: Sustaining a Culture of Love

While leaders are essential in implementing a culture of love, employees are key in sustaining one. So how do you make that happen? Find out in this episode.

Episode 7: A Whole New Ballgame: Jim Crane on Business Transformation

When you transform your business, you have to cover your bases. So join us and get strategies that will help you right off the bat.

Episode 8: How to Deal with the Deal: The Human Side of M&A

Whether you’re selling a business or buying into one, it’s a big deal. When the stakes get high, so do emotions. On this episode, we dive into the human element of mergers & acquisitions.

Episode 9: Opportunity for All: John Hope Bryant on Building Up Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur knows that they can’t do it alone. That’s especially true for those from underserved communities. So how do we empower entrepreneurs? Find out in this episode.

Talent Acquisition

Bonus Episode Trends with Benefits: Talent Acquisition in Today's Economy

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Bridge Episode Several Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

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Season 2: Forces Shaping Your Business

Episode 1: Inflation: The Future of Interest Rates

Welcome back to In Good Companies! This season, we’re exploring the forces shaping your business, inside and out—and to kick off Season Two, we’ve got a double whammy: inflation and interest rates.

Episode 2: Point A to Point Z: Supply Chain Challenges

We explore the supply chain from the inside with logistics experts John Brooks and Matthew Decker (US Multimodal Group) and discover the unexpected hurdles that challenge their industry.

Episode 3: The Fundamentals of Inflation: Supply and Demand

We dive into the supply and demand theory behind inflation and how that impacts our current situation with Cadence Bank’s Corporate Treasurer Tell Alessio.

Episode 4: Gone Phishing: Approaches to Cyberthreats

Join our experts as we discuss phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and how best to prepare for the cyberthreats targeting your business.

Episode 5: A Double-Hedged Sword: Commodities & Inflation

We’re joined by Goldman Sachs Commodity Specialist Callum Bruce to discuss the power, precariousness and possibility of the commodity.

Episode 6: Leadership, with Super Bowl Champion Keith Jackson

We discuss what makes a good leader with NFL legend and Cadence Bank board member Keith Jackson, and hear how he incorporates lessons from his Hall of Fame coaches into his leadership style.

Episode 7: Brand & Culture: A Promise Made & A Promise Kept

Hear from brand experts as they share the keys to evaluating culture and developing a rock-solid brand—no matter the size of your company.

Episode 8: Brand & Culture: A Case Study

Hear how branding happens in the real world with this case study of Cadence Bank’s massive rebranding effort—from the very people who conducted the process.

Episode 9: Know, Care, Challenge: The Keys to Talent Retention

Army Veteran Craig Flowers, founder of Sideline Leadership, shares his “Know, Care, Challenge” formula to talent retention and how leaders can build teams that employees don’t want to leave.

Season 1: From Start to Sale

Season 1: From Start to Sale
EPISODE 1: New Beginnings: Getting Ready to Start Your Business

On this episode of the Cadence Bank podcast, we're talking business beginnings—the things you can do to prepare for what's ahead. Listen now to get ready to start your business.

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EPISODE 2: Changing the Game: Alternative Lenders and the Disruption Mindset

We're exploring how disruptors approach consumers and utilize technology differently, and how that could be the key for your business warding off challengers.

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EPISODE 3: It's the Economy, Stupid: The Fed, Economic Policy, and You

On this episode of In Good Companies, we're breaking down the economy—what is it exactly? What makes it healthy or unhealthy? How can you tell a short-term blip from a long-term trend?

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EPISODE 4: Saving the Day: Becoming a Cybersecurity Superhero

You've probably got a security system for your building, with locks on your doors and safes for your important documents. But criminals don't just try to take what's in your cash register anymore.

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EPISODE 5: It Takes All of Us: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What is diversity, equity and inclusion? Why is it needed? And what does it mean for your organization specifically?

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EPISODE 6: I Will Survive: COVID-19 and Crisis Management

In this episode of the Cadence Bank podcast, our experts explore COVID-19's impact on growth, opportunities, financing and business operations, and how businesses transformed to the "new normal."

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EPISODE 7: The Art of the Possible: Mergers & Acquisitions

On this episode, we'll cover the timeline and steps of the M&A process, ways to improve your valuation, and how to find the right partners.

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EPISODE 8: Executive Functioning: The Well-Prepared Executive

Our experts talk about quarterbacking executive financial plans, how no plan is one-size fits all, and what you need to prepare to make sure you get the most of the process.

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EPISODE 9: The Next Chapter: Business Succession Planning

Together we'll cover the key aspects of a business succession plan, like proper valuation provisions and operational redundancy, and how corporate governance structures can help you achieve those goals.

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EPISODE 10: Value Added: Wealth Transfer Planning & Next Gen Preparation

We'll cover the core financial values that you need to impart to your children, age-appropriate activities to instill those values, and how to structure your plan to reflect those principles.

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