Asset-Based Lending Solving the growth and working capital needs of the middle market

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We proudly serve those at the center of our economy – the middle market.

The Cadence Asset-Based Lending team provides customized asset-based financing to companies such as manufacturers, distributors and service companies. In addition to offering senior secured financing and serving as a dependable source of capital, we bring creative solutions and resources that are as unique as your business. Our high-quality, flexible covenant structures are focused on liquidity and working capital performance versus profitability. This helps ensure liquidity is available for you when you need it, letting you focus on executing your operating plans and growth strategies.

Asset-Based Financing

We work with you to leverage a broad range of assets, including working capital assets, such as accounts receivables and inventory, and longer-term assets including machinery, equipment and real estate to fund future growth. Our asset-based lending (ABL) services can help support general working capital needs as well as growth and expansion, acquisitions, refinance, recapitalizations, dividends, turnaround or repositioning, and more.

If your business is a high-growth company with a high dependence on working capital, has seasonal or uneven cash flow, or is in turnaround, the flexibility of asset-based financing is for you.

We invest in you and your business

At Cadence, we take the time to understand how and why your company exists, your unique value proposition, and how we can partner with you to provide capital in a reasonable, secure and experienced manner. We’re focused on the long term and we’re here to serve as your trusted advisor beyond the term of the loan. Our customer-focused approach and years of expertise allow us to prepare for seasonal requirements and cyclical changes along the way.

We take pride in being relationship oriented and providing loans customized to meet the needs of our clients. With flexible financing structures and fewer financial covenants than traditional cash-flow based loans, you’re able to focus on your business, rather than meeting different covenants each month. We’re thoughtful at understanding your company’s needs, both now and throughout its lifecycle, so that together we can foster your long-term success story.

Our Asset-Based Lending Services

Senior Secured Revolving Lines of Credit

Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

Letters of Credit

Deposit Accounts

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Government-Sponsored Loan Programs

Senior Secured Term Loans - Machinery and Equipment

Stretch Piece Financing

Business Credit Cards

Lockbox Services

Co-Lending Facilities with Other Institutions

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