Protect Your Business from Cyber Fraud

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Your employees remain constant targets for cyberattacks, especially via Business Email Compromise (BEC).

BEC is a type of scam in which the attacker gains access to a corporate email account and poses as the CEO or another authority figure to defraud the company of money – and it costs companies millions each year. This pervasive form of online fraud can result in wire transfer fraud, whereby finance employees unknowingly transfer money to an account controlled by the fraudster. All it takes is a single human error.

What makes BEC so impactful is that wire transfers are an immediate form of payment. Once a scammer has obtained the wired funds, the transfer most likely cannot be reversed.

Therefore, it's so important to take action to educate yourself and your personnel about fraud prevention and exercising sound judgment.

Check out our free tip sheet below to learn:

  • The most common BEC tactics – from trigger words in subject lines to account compromise
  • Tips to protect your business, including smarter systems your company can implement
  • Industry best practices for your personnel
  • The steps to take if your company falls victim to cyberattack

Fraud awareness is your best defense and method to stay protected. We're dedicated to helping your company and personnel fight fraud effectively. Download our free tip sheet today or contact one of our Treasury Management Specialists with any cybersecurity questions you may have.

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