Credit Builder Loans Let us help you build or rebuild your credit history. Plant the seed and start growing your financial future today.

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Fixed Term

Build your savings and credit at the same time.
pay monthly

Pay Monthly

Build a positive payment history by paying on time each month.
fixed interest

Fixed Rate of Interest

Simple payment terms with a fixed interest rate.*

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To learn more and determine if you qualify for a Credit Builder Loan, talk to a Relationship Manager at your local Cadence branch today.
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How does it work?

  1. Apply for a Credit Builder loan with a Cadence lender. Since Credit Builder is specifically designed to assist individuals wishing to build or repair credit and payment history, you don’t need a perfect credit score.
  2. The Cadence lender will then place the loan amount in an interest-earning Certificate of Deposit (CD) as collateral for the loan.
  3. Make on-time loan payments for a fixed-term which are reported to the credit bureau.
  4. After payments are complete, the loan amount plus any earned interest will be available for you.

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*Credit Builder loans are subject to approval. Although a credit check is performed, all customers are approved with the exception of those with an active bankruptcy or outstanding Cadence Bank charged-off account. The terms of Credit Builder are fixed and cannot be modified. The loan interest rate is the bank’s current Certificate of Deposit (CD) annual percentage yield (APY) + 2% with a fixed term and set loan amount. Once the loan is paid on time and in full, the CD, plus any interest earned, is paid to the borrower. The proceeds should arrive in approximately 20 days.

Certain conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend or rate guarantee.

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