Receivables Management Receivables management solutions that can save your company time and money.

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Receivables services and solutions

Wholesale and Retail Lockbox

Gain access to your business funds faster and improve cash flow.

Remote Lockbox

Scan and send checks and remittance documents, no matter where you’re located.


Receive consolidated payments electronically.


Deposit checks from your desk or on the go.

e-Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)

Distribute electronic bills and invoices and allow your customers to pay you anytime, anywhere.

Image Cash Letter (ICL)

Optimize your check processing while lowering costs and minimizing risks.

Vault Services

Streamline your cash-handling needs.

Healthcare Receivables Management

Automate and streamline the reconciliation of payments.

Benefits to improve your cash flow.


Scalable products

As your business grows, your customized receivables management solution can grow with it.

Automated processes

Combine lockbox information, incoming funds and credit card payments into one integrated solution.

Our team is available to help you streamline your operations.

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