Hire Education: How to Perfect Your Hiring Process

Cadence Bank Podcast: In Good Companies

And we’re back! Welcome to Season 3 of In Good Companies. This season, we’re jumping right into the deep end–of the candidate pool.

On our latest bonus episode, we got a crash course in the current hiring landscape from Indeed’s Senior Director of Talent Attraction Jennifer (Jenn) McNorton. She shared the macro trends that have contributed to the tightest labor market in over 50 years and what companies are willing to do to acquire talent. But getting great employees isn’t just about the trends, headlines or benefits. More often than not, the devil’s in the details–and for employers, that means refining your talent acquisition process. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have every step of your hiring process locked in. Because if you don’t, candidates have plenty of other options.

On this episode, Jenn takes us through best practices for every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to salary negotiation. She’s compiled the most effective strategies from over 25 years in recruiting, as well as what she’s observed from successful companies across Indeed’s user base.

We explore recruiting strategies: where to look for candidates and how to keep them engaged along the way. Plus, the art of the interview and the science of salary negotiation. So join us, and find out how to uncover your hidden talent.

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Meet the Host

Patrick Pacheco Patrick Pacheco, Executive Vice President, President of Cadence Asset Management & Trust, has more than 25 years’ experience in wealth management, in addition to the designing and implementation of tax and related planning strategies.

Pacheco’s background includes years of legal practice and multiple degrees, including an LLM* Taxation from University of Houston, a JD from Southern Methodist University, and both an MBA and BS in Economics from University of Texas at Arlington.

He is also board certified in Estate Planning and Probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


Meet the Speakers

Jennifer McNorton, Senior Director, Global Leadership RecruitingJennifer McNorton, Senior Director, Global Leadership Recruiting

After 20 years working in recruitment, staffing, business development, and leadership for firms including Robert Half International and Aquent, in 2019 Jennifer joined Indeed to help build a Leadership Recruiting function. As part of her role, Jennifer leads the team responsible for sourcing, recruiting, and hiring leaders and executives into Indeed. Jennifer partners closely with the senior leadership team and serves as a subject matter expert in building and executing the overriding talent attraction strategy.

Jennifer lives in New Jersey with her husband and their dog. When not working, you can find Jennifer in her garden, at the beach, in the park with her dog or riding her motorcycle with her husband on a quiet country road.





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