CEO of What? An Innovative Vision for Leadership with Jay B. Sauceda

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Jay B. Sauceda

Many corporate leaders share a capacity for reinvention, as proven by recent research by Deloitte. According to their 2024 CEO survey, 80% of CEOs can maintain vision and optimism, even when faced with global uncertainty. But what else makes a great CEO? In today’s episode, serial entrepreneur Jay B. Sauceda offers his own creative take on this question.

Jay B. is the founder of Western Willow LLC and host of the Texas Country Reporter. Throughout his unusual career, he has launched and sold multiple businesses, jumping at every new opportunity to develop his vision and a creative approach to leadership. Now, he is a consultant and coach who helps chief executives and entrepreneurs gain traction toward their business goals.

In today’s episode, Jay B. reflects on two decades of experience with honesty, insight and wisdom. We uncover how process documentation and feedback can help chief executives make better business decisions, and reflect on the importance of community in leadership. From building your team to assessing your needs as a leader, this episode is your-all-in-one guide to innovative leadership.

So whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a CFO needing inspiration, join Jay B. in conversation, to bring your business vision to life today.


  • Jay B. Sauceda’s entrepreneurial background (3:10)
  • No one is CEO on day one (4:22)
  • The benefits of joining an entrepreneur organization (6:01)
  • “Every company has different CEO needs” (7:51)
  • A creative approach to leadership (9:46)
  • Knowing when to get out of the way (11:07)
  • Why process documentation is critical (12:39)
  • Examples of inspiring leadership: Patty McCord (14:40)
  • A good CEO stays true to their method (17:22)
  • Being nice vs. being kind (18:57)
  • Feedback as an invaluable leadership tool (21:53)
  • The importance of growing thicker skin (23:54)
  • Using feedback to make business decisions (25:43)
  • Trust, empathy and community in leadership (27:30)



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