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 Frequently Asked Questions Better understand the overall mortgage process and specific mortgage terms you may be unfamiliar with.

The portion of a borrower’s monthly payments held by the lender or servicer to pay for taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, lease payments and other items as they become due.
Loan to Value Ratio (LTV)
Divide your total loan amount by the cost or value of the property. Conventional loans with an LTV of greater than 80% and most FHA loans generally require mortgage insurance.
Truth in Lending (TIL)
Shows cost of credit at a yearly rate along with the principal and interest portion of payment and breakdown of closing costs.
Property expenses paid in advance, and usually prorated at the time of closing to help set up your escrow account.
Fannie Mae
A privately owned section of the secondary mortgage market. It adds liquidity to the mortgage market by investing in home loans throughout the country. Specific guidelines must be met on a loan for us to sell it to Fannie Mae.
Origination Fee
A fee paid to a lender for processing a loan application that is a percentage of the mortgage amount.
Discount Point
A point (1% of the loan amount) paid to the lender at closing to permanently buy down or lower the interest rate. It is usually a percentage of the loan amount and can sometimes be paid by the buyer or seller.

Other mortgage options to consider.

Conventional Mortgage Loan

Offering typically lower interest, conventional loans meet most homebuyers’ needs. Loans exceeding 80% of value will require private mortgage insurance.


Designed to help you achieve home ownership with no mortgage insurance and lower down payment options. 

Portfolio Loans

Cadence Bank offers a variety of portfolio products with financing up to 100% of the purchase price and no mortgage insurance.

Rural Housing Loans

A mortgage option designed for low- and moderate-income rural residents.

VA Loans

Lower rates and up to 100% financing for veterans, active duty service members and members of the National Guard or Reserve.

Mortgages for Medical Professionals

Mortgage options for physicians.

Construction to Permanent and Renovation to Permanent Loans

Renovate or build a home and obtain a permanent mortgage with one easy-to-manage loan.

All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval. Certain conditions may apply.

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