Point A to Point Z: Supply Chain Challenges

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From the front page of the paper to the top of the nightly news: everyone’s talking about the supply chain. By now we know that pandemic factors across the globe caused disruptions to the logistics industry. But we rarely hear the story from the people running the show. So on this episode, we’re exploring the supply chain from the inside, with the people who know it best.

Matthew Decker is President of logistics company US Multimodal Group, and John Brooks is its CEO. Whether it’s via ship, train or truck, connecting products to businesses is their bread and butter. Over the past several years, they’ve had a front row seat to the challenges at the heart of supply chain interruption. Together, we’ll explore the complexities of the logistics industry, how slowdowns started even before COVID-19 and why labor is actually the biggest hurdle facing their business. Plus, tips for creating strong logistics partnerships and getting the best out of your providers.

So listen in as we take you from Point A to Point Z of supply chain challenges.

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Meet the Host

Patrick Pacheco Patrick Pacheco, Executive Vice President, Trust Executive, has more than 25 years’ experience in wealth management, in addition to the designing and implementation of tax and related planning strategies.

Pacheco’s background includes years of legal practice and multiple degrees, including an LLM* Taxation from University of Houston, a JD from Southern Methodist University, and both an MBA and BS in Economics from University of Texas at Arlington.

He is also board certified in Estate Planning and Probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.


Meet the Speakers

Matthew DeckerMatthew Decker, President & COO, has 18 years in the Transportation and Logistics sector to include LTL, FTL, Domestic Rail (intermodal and carload), and Drayage. Most recently Matthew was VP of Intermodal for Coyote Logistics (a UPS company). Matthew received his BS and MBA from the University of Tennessee.


John BrooksJohn Brooks, CEO, has more than a decade operating in and investing into the transportation industry. Prior to his role as a private investor, John spent several years as a CFO as well as in several other finance functions. He received both his BS and Masters in Accounting from the University of Tennessee. He is a CPA and has earned the right to use the CFA designation.






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