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Choose from a variety of accounts and customize them to get the features you want.
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Bank online and from your mobile phone with confidence.
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Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Person-to-Person Payments, Bill Pay, Mastercard® debit card and much more.
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Apply online or stop into your local branch.

3 steps to your new checking account

  1. Choose your account.
  2. Have these things ready:
    - Valid Government-Issued Identification
    - U.S. Social Security Number
    - U.S. Citizenship or Resident alien status
  3. Fund your account with as little as $50.

Checking accounts

My Way Checking

Get all the features you’d expect, and more.

Minimum opening balance: $50

Performance Checking

Put your money to work with a higher interest rate and foreign ATM fee refunds.

Minimum opening balance: $50

Interest Plus Checking

The higher your balance, the more interest you earn.

Minimum opening balance: $1,000

Heritage Checking

For those 62 and over, an interest-earning account with all the perks.

Minimum opening balance: $50

Budget Smart Checking

Avoid overspending and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Minimum opening balance: $25


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Budget Smart
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How to avoid a monthly service charge $1000 minimum daily balance


Meet Higher Rate requirements(2)
$250 minimum daily balance


Five (5) debit card purchase transactions


At least one (1) Direct Deposit of $100 or more
$1000 minimum daily balance
$500 minimum daily balance
N/A- Monthly Service Charge always applies
Monthly service charge (if requirements aren't met) $15 $8

(No charge for Students under 25)
$10 $8 $5

(Flat fee- no options to waive)
Interest earned Higher Rate(2) No Tiered rates(2) Yes No
Monthly statement fees $0- Online Statements(4)

$2 - Paper Statements
$0- Online Statements(4)

$2 - Paper Statements
No fee for online or paper statements No fee for online or paper statements No fee for online or paper statements
Debit card Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked
Online banking Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked
Bill pay Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked
Spending Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked Icon-checked
Mobile banking Icon-checked (5) Icon-checked (5) Icon-checked (5) Icon-checked (5) Icon-checked (5)
Overdraft protection Icon-checked (6) Icon-checked (6) Icon-checked (6) Icon-checked (6) No overdraft protection available
Credit card available Icon-checked (7) Icon-checked (7) Icon-checked (7) Icon-checked (7) Icon-checked (7)
Additional features Up to 5 ATM refunds when requirements are met(2) Students under 25 receive first box of checks printed at no charge(9) Customers receive a free box of checks annually.(8) Overdraft Avoidance(13) helping you spend only the money available in your account by declining most transactions that exceed that amount.

Express yourself with a custom Affinity Debit Card.

Custom College Debit Cards

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1The student waiver is available upon request for students under age 25. The student waiver will automatically be removed and you will be subject to the MyWay monthly service charge requirements, beginning with the first monthly statement cycle following your 25th birthday. Students are also eligible to receive the first box of 25 checks at no charge, or 50% off of a collegiate check style (first order only). Students must be at least 18 to have a single-party account. All students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian as a multiple-party account owner. If residing in Alabama, students under the age of 19 must have a parent or guardian as a multiple-party account owner.

2The Higher Rate is paid on Performance Checking account balances from $0-$30,000, and non-Cadence ATM fee refunds and credits (a total of $4.00 for each of the first five non-Cadence Bank ATM transactions each statement cycle) are given at the end of each statement cycle, when all of the following three requirements are met during a statement cycle: 1. Have at least one ACH debit or credit. 2. Have at least 12 debit card purchase transactions. 3. Receive online statements instead of paper statements by regular mail. If you do not meet all three requirements during the statement period, you will earn the Standard Rate on all balances. The Standard Rate is always paid on that portion of Performance Checking account balances over $30,000, even if the three requirements have been met. The Standard Rate is also paid on balances from $0-$30,000 for the entire statement cycle if any of the three requirements are not met for the Higher Rate at any time during the statement cycle. Rates are subject to change at the bank’s discretion. Fees may reduce earnings. Maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 or meet the Higher Rate requirements to avoid $10 monthly fee.

3Interest is earned on the Interest Plus Checking account according to the following tiers: $0 – $4,999; $5,000 – $9,999; $10,000 – $24,999; $25,000 – $49,999; $50,000 – $99,999; $100,000 +.

4Account must be enrolled in Cadence Bank Online Banking to receive online statements. Monthly paper statement fee is avoided with a minimum daily balance of $500.

5Carrier data charges may apply. The Cadence Bank Mobile Banking App is available for iPhone® and Android™ devices. Visit the iTunes Store or the Android™ Market to download your app today. If you do not have an iPhone or Android device, you can access Mobile Banking by going to after enrolling.

6Overdraft protection requires either a Cadence Bank Credit Card or Equity Credit Line (both subject to credit approval).

7Cadence Bank Credit Card is subject to standard credit card lending policies.

8Heritage Checking customers receive one box free per year of special member checks and 50% off any other check offer. Accounts that receive free checks are required to pay tax and shipping on the check order.

9Accounts that receive free checks are required to pay tax and shipping on the check order. Please see the Cadence Bank Account Information Statement for more details regarding deposit accounts.

13Cadence Bank's Budget Smart Checking product is not eligible to participate in Cadence Bank's overdraft services including, but not limited to, overdraft protection services. Those services are discretionary and do not apply to Budget Smart Checking accounts and you will not be allowed to opt-in for such services. Cadence Bank will decline or return transactions when you do not have enough money in your account to cover the amount of the transaction. While this prevents you from overdrawing your account in most cases, there may still be times when your account could have a negative balance. In instances where transactions cause you to have a negative balance or where items you issue are returned unpaid, Cadence Bank will not charge you overdraft or insufficient funds fees. If you do have a negative balance, you will be obligated to repay the overdrawn amount. Member FDIC

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