Account Reconciliation An efficient, time-saving method for reconciling your Cadence accounts to your issued-check records.

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Account Reconciliation Details

Do you struggle to reconcile your bank accounts in a timely manner? Are you looking for ways to reduce the time you spend on reconciling and monitoring accounts?

Get some much-needed time back in your day with our Account Reconciliation services. Our solution provides an efficient, time-saving method for reconciling your Cadence accounts to your issued-check records.

We offer several reconciliation plans designed to free up your staff while helping you monitor your disbursements and keep track of outstanding payments. The following service plans will help you reduce time spent reconciling your company disbursements:

  • Partial Reconcilement: provides check paid information to help you quickly balance your account
  • Full Reconcilement: provides a full reconcilement of disbursement accounts after we receive your required check issue files at Cadence Bank
  • Positive Pay: an added layer of fraud protection allowing you to monitor checks or electronic debits presented for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur

Account reconcilement processing allows you to increase internal Accounts Payable reconcilement efficiency by choosing from a full range of paid and outstanding check reconcilement options.

Benefits of Account Reconcilement Services

With all three of our offered account reconciliation service plans, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Time savings – timely delivery of completed reconcilements allows you to close your books more quickly
  • Reduced expenses – less time spent on reconciling and monitoring your accounts
  • Increased efficiency – electronic check paid file reduces the amount of manual entry to your accounts payable system
  • Improved accuracy – reduction in data entry errors
  • Fraud protection – Positive Pay reconcilement enables timely identification of unauthorized checks, allowing them the possibility to be returned within the required deadline
  • Improved audit control – check issue information is compared to checks paid; discrepancies are identified, researched and corrected by Cadence Bank
  • Check imaging – access check images online via Cadence Treasury Mobile app

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