Commercial Cards Our commercial card and prepaid card solutions can help your company streamline processes, provide more security and access reports in real-time.

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Commercial Card Details

At Cadence Bank, we offer various commercial card solutions to help your company save much-needed time and money.

Prepaid Cards

Reward and Incentive Cards

Made available through Cadence Bank’s Dash Solutions, our reward and incentive cards are a turnkey, cost-effective solution that can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs. Not only are reward and incentive cards a great way to motivate employees, forge relationships with vendors and entice customers to buy your products, but they are also ideal for consumer promotions, consumer rebates, sales incentives, employee bonuses and commissions, service and performance recognition, holiday gifts, anniversaries – and much more.

  • Four-color custom branded cards and collateral are available to deliver the program message and provide in-wallet branding opportunity
  • Cards can be shipped in bulk to the company or mailed to the individual recipient
  • Payment for cards can be provided by credit card, ACH, wire or direct debit

Prepaid Purchasing Cards

Streamline your process for expense management and allocating petty cash or per diems to designated employees. Using innovative solutions provided through Cadence Bank's Dash Solutions, our prepaid purchasing card can give your company immediate online access to card balances and transaction history for easy reconcilement.

Our prepaid purchasing cards will help you:

  • Eliminate distributing cash or paper checks, check fraud, and costs associated with lost or stolen checks
  • Fund cards easily using ACH direct deposit service or we can give you access to our Immediate Funding Application, which enables real-time loads to cards
  • Choose between our unrestricted card, which allows signature and PIN transactions as well as cash access at ATMs and POS terminals, or our restricted card, which does not allow cash access, depending on your program needs
  • Access transaction history and card activity online 24/7

Plus, all your employees/cardholders will have access to a free, 24/7 bilingual cardholder customer service through a user-friendly website, automated phone line and live agents. Your company can also check card balances, transaction history and view monthly statements.


With growing market demand for real-time, frictionless commercial disbursements and the need to reduce the administrative costs of the payout process, companies can streamline the digital payment process by providing a single and secure solution for all payment types through Cadence Bank’s Dash Solutions.

Take advantage of:

  • Multiple delivery options
  • Real-time digital payment delivery
  • Immediate access to funds for the recipients
  • Simple and modern user experience
  • Flexible redemption for the recipients

Other Payables Management services

Integrated Payables and Outsourced Disbursements

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Wire Transfer Services


Account Reconciliation

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