Young Savers Account "Save while you’re young" is advice your elders often give. We think it is a wise idea, too. That's why we created a savings plan ideal for young people.

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Financial Goals

Stay informed and learn about practical money skills, your credit score and more.

Earn Interest

Watch your money grow while it stays safe and secure.


Set savings goals, track budgets and more, all in one convenient place.
Additional Features
  • Automatically transfer funds into savings
  • Receive immediate access
  • Ideal for a first savings account
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Features and Benefits 
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited quarterly1
  • Transfer funds automatically from checking to savings, using our secure Online Banking transfer service
  • Maintain immediate access to your savings account so you can make deposits and withdrawals at any time
  • Receive quarterly paper or online statements3
  • Gain access to Spending, our complimentary online budgeting tool
  • Bundle your checking and savings accounts for a more convenient way to budget and save toward your goals

Requirements and Fees List Card


  • Account holder must be below 18 years of age4
  • A parent or guardian over 18 must be a joint account holder on the account
  • Opening deposit: $25


  • Monthly fee:
    • None for children under 18 years of age4
  • Transactions fees:
    • $5 excessive-withdrawal fee for each withdrawal after the sixth2

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1 Accrued interest is available for closing withdrawals.

2 An excessive withdrawal fee of $5 will be charged for each nonexempt withdrawal or transfer in excess of six per month or statement cycle of at least four weeks, as applicable. The following withdrawals and transfers are exempt from this limitation: withdrawals or transfers made at an ATM, made in person at a teller window, requested by U.S. postal mail, made for purposes of making payments on Cadence loans, made in person to initiate a wire transfer, and made by telephone or fax where a check is mailed directly to the account holder.

3 Memo statement produced if the account has an ACH transaction during the month. This "Memo" statement does not affect the quarterly interest payment schedule.

4 When the account holder reaches age 18 this account will convert to Cadence's My Goal Savings Account.

Please see the Cadence Bank Account Information Statement for more details regarding savings accounts.

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