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Certificates of Deposit

Use CDs to make the most of your personal retirement and investment planning.

Certificates of Deposit

Earn more interest than a regular savings account when you sign up for a certificate of deposit from Cadence Bank.


Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are similar to savings accounts because you earn interest at extremely low risk. You basically agree to leave a certain amount of savings in an account, or CD, for a fixed period of time.



CD interest rates are generally slightly higher than that of a regular savings account. If you withdraw your money before the deadline, or maturity date, you forfeit some portion of the interest money you would have earned.


CDs from Cadence Bank come with other benefits, including:

    •   Minimum opening deposit of $500
    •   Offers a fixed rate of return for a fixed period of time
    •   Protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to certain amounts allowed by law
    •   No maintenance charge
    •   Flexible terms from seven days to five years
    •   Competitive interest rates
    •   A great way to diversify your savings

Call a Cadence banker today to find out the most current CD rates and to learn how CDs can become an important part of your investment portfolio.


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Limits on withdrawals may apply.
If you redeem your CD before it matures, an early withdrawal penalty will apply to the amount withdrawn. These penalties include:


•   Term less than 30 days to 6 months = penalty of 30 days interest

•   Term of 7 months to 12 months = penalty of 90 days interest

•   Term of 13 months to 24 months = penalty of 180 days interest

•   Term over 24 months = penalty of 365 days interest


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