Budget Smart Checking The smart way to start growing your financial future today.

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Budget Smart Checking Features


Time to Grow

An account that makes it easy to learn good money habits from the start.

Easy & Convenient

With added features like Online Bill Pay, Budget Smart offers simple banking solutions.

Overdraft Avoidance2

Budget Smart has overdraft avoidance, saving you money and hassle.
Additional features
  • Online and mobile banking access
  • Standard Debit Mastercard®
  • Open an account with as little as a $25 minimum opening balance
  • $5 monthly fee
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Features and Benefits
  • Online bill pay and for personal payments
  • Benefit from direct deposit and have your payroll, Social Security or other recurring incomes deposited straight into your checking account
  • Get a Standard Debit Mastercard®
  • Keep track of your finances with online or paper statements
  • Gain access to Spending, our online budgeting tool
  • Enjoy Mobile Banking1
  • Utilize Mobile Wallet ‐ a fast and secure way to keep pace with your lifestyle3
  • Gain access to your account information 24 hours a day with just a quick call to our InfoLine at 1-888-797-7711
  • Enjoy unlimited check writing privileges (checks are available for purchase)
  • Accounts in good standing after one year, with no overdrafts or bad checks, are eligible to transfer to one of our standard checking accounts4
Requirements & Fees
  • Available to everyone with no incidence of conducting fraudulent activity or outstanding money owed to Cadence
  • $25 minimum to open
  • $5 monthly fee (flat fee - no options to waive)
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Debit card - not eligible for Opt-In (on ATM and debit transactions) or Overdraft Protection Services2
  • Overdraft avoidance - account restrictions to help you spend only the money available by declining most transactions that exceed the amount of funds in the account2
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3 steps to your new checking account.

  1. Open an account at your local branch.
  2. Fund your account with as little as $50.
  3. Sign up for online banking.

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1Carrier data charges may apply. The Cadence Mobile Banking App is available for iPhone® and Android™ devices. Visit the iTunes Store or the Android™ Market to download your app today. If you do not have an iPhone or Android device, you can access Mobile Banking by going to cadencebank.com/mobile after enrolling.

2Cadence Budget Smart™ Checking product is not eligible to participate in Cadence overdraft services including, but not limited to, overdraft protection services. Those services are discretionary and do not apply to Budget Smart™ Checking accounts and you will not be allowed to opt-in for such services. Cadence will decline or return transactions when you do not have enough money in your account to cover the amount of the transaction. While this prevents you from overdrawing your account in most cases, there may still be times when your account could have a negative balance. For example, your account could have a negative balance if a transaction is approved for one amount, but the actual charge is more than the amount of money in your account. This could happen if you use your debit card to purchase a meal where the amount for the meal is approved, but the tip added after the transaction was approved makes the total charge that posts to your account exceed your account balance. Another example would be if there is not enough money in your account to cover the monthly service charges for your account. These are just some examples of the way your account could have a negative balance. 

3Not available for Cadence VISA credit card, Mastercard® Business debit or credit card, or HSA customers. Only available for Mastercard® personal debit cards or credit cards issued by Cadence Bank. Not all retailers accept mobile wallet payments. Look for the symbol or icon representing the mobile wallet app you use prior to making purchases. Additionally, the retailer must also accept Mastercard®. Availability of your mobile wallet may be affected by your mobile carrier’s coverage area. Your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

4Cadence Bank may not approve everyone for a Budget Smart™ Checking account. Only those individuals that receive at least a limited approval through ChexSystems qualify. Except as provided below, Budget Smart™ is subject to Cadence's standard deposit policies and fees. If you maintain your account for 12 consecutive months without having a negative balance and without having any items returned unpaid, you may request a different Cadence checking account product. If your account is converted to a new product, it will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to that product at the time of conversion.

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