Remote Lockbox  Streamline your operations and make receivables management easy, no matter where you’re located.

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Remote Lockbox Details

Lockbox services help businesses with large volumes of checks streamline the receivables process, improve access to funds and maximize cash flow. To enhance traditional lockbox processing, many businesses will layer in additional efficiency tools. One type of tool is Remote Lockbox.

With Remote Lockbox services, checks and remittance documents can be received at your office location and then scanned and sent to the bank. Here, they are combined with items received through Receivables Lockbox services for posting, clearing, reporting and archival at a main processing facility. This commercial remote deposit service streamlines your operations and makes receivables management easy, no matter where you’re located.

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Benefits of Remote Lockbox Services

Like our Wholesale and Retail Lockbox solution, our Remote Lockbox services allow for faster account receivables postings and improved productivity. Some of the other benefits that come along with Remote Lockbox are:

  • Increased deposit and posting accuracy
  • Reduced overnight (courier) fees
  • Improved audit trail efficiency
  • Minimized labor costs associated with accounting staff
  • 7-year image archive

With our secure online portal, you will have one-stop access to all lockbox information for the latest processing day, plus up to seven years of historical transactions.

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