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Did you know that the typical business still receives 33% of its B2B payments by check?* How is your business handling its deposits? If you’re still depositing checks at the bank’s branch, then ExpressDeposit is for you.

With ExpressDeposit from Cadence Bank, you can deposit checks right from your desk, or on the go with our Commercial Mobile Deposit service using your iPhone® or Android™ mobile phone. You can also research and access images of deposits and checks. ExpressDeposit is an easy-to-use, secure solution that gives you faster access to funds and greater control over your money management.

How ExpressDeposit Works:

  • We provide your business with the digital check scanner and one of our support team members trains you how to use it
  • Checks are scanned electronically from your office via a secure Internet connection, or from your mobile device where you can submit multiple checks in one deposit
  • An electronic record of your deposits, including images of deposited items and custom information for each deposited check, is available for accounts receivable posting file
  • Deposit acceptance 24/7
  • Same day credit until 7 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday
  • Archived image deposits at the bank, requiring no software to download

Our team is available to help you streamline your operations.

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Benefits of ExpressDeposit Banking

Make your deposits faster and easier without ever leaving your office

  • Streamlined Operations – Reduce labor-intensive deposit preparation time including deposit ticket creation. Multiple locations can deposit into one account and images can be downloaded and saved, creating offline backups for deposits.
  • Improved Cash Management – Eliminate regional bank accounts and streamline cash concentration by consolidating your banking relationships.
  • Greater Access to Deposit Information – Review account transaction history and images for up to 180 days using robust search capabilities. Deposit reports are available at the company level, deposit location or operator level. Reports are available in standard formats or can be customized to satisfy your needs. Account information can be exported via CSV and PDF formats into accounting and accounts receivable systems.
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