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Personal Savings Accounts, Money Markets and Certificates of Deposit

Cadence Bank offers a full suite of savings accounts, money markets and certificates of deposit when you want to save and grow your money, but keep your funds easy to access.


Savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) offer you very low-risk ways to earn interest on your money while retaining quick access should the funds be needed.


Savings and money market options at Cadence Bank


Personal Savings: Use a Personal Savings account to build your money over time. You can set up regular, automated transfers from your everyday bank account into savings, or move money on your own schedule using Cadence Online and Mobile banking.1



Propel Savings: This account makes it easy for savings to become a habit. Your savings grow with a premium savings rate and monthly automated transfers from a Cadence personal checking account.1



First Step Savings: For young savers under age 18, First Step Savings is the way to encourage good habits with a simple, affordable savings account.1



Advantage Money Market: For higher balances, earn competitive interest rates on your growing savings with the Advantage Money Market account while retaining easy access to your money.1



Ascent Money Market: Enjoy tiered money market rates on your higher balances with the Ascent Money Market account and maintain convenient access to funds.1



Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are similar to savings accounts because you earn interest at extremely low risk. You basically agree to leave a certain amount of savings in an account, or CD, for a fixed period of time.


Ready to open a savings or money market account?



1The number of withdrawals or transfers from a savings or money market account is limited to six per month by in-person withdrawals, preauthorized transfer, automatic or telephone transfer, checks, drafts, debit card and similar transactions.



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