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Howard Gunn, Attorney at Law - Representing “the Little Guy” for 40 Years

Howard Gunn, Attorney at Law in Aberdeen, Miss.

Howard Gunn, Attorney at Law - Representing “the Little Guy” for 40 Years

If you’re a fan of John Grisham’s legal thrillers, you may sometimes wonder just how close to reality his stories are. They’re very close, says Aberdeen, Miss.-based Attorney at Law Howard Gunn.


As a practicing attorney in Grisham’s home state of Mississippi for nearly 40 years, Gunn should know. Like many of Grisham’s protagonist attorneys, he says he has been David vs. Goliath in most of his cases, going up against many large and well-financed corporations. “So, it’s especially rewarding when I can help secure a favorable outcome for my clients,” he says.


Helping the Less-Fortunate


Gunn specializes in personal injury, Social Security disability and consumer litigation primarily on behalf of low-income and indigent clients. In his first job after graduating from law school, he worked for North Mississippi Rural Legal Services providing free legal assistance to people who couldn’t afford to pay for a lawyer.


“My uncle was a mentor to me when I was younger, and he encouraged me to start out my legal career working for a firm that helped less-fortunate people,” Gunn says. After spending five years at North Mississippi Rural Legal Services, Gunn started his own private practice in 1983 where he adopted the same mentality.


Gunn works most of his cases on a contingency-fee basis — he only gets paid if he wins the case for the client. So deciding which cases to take is critical. “You have to look at the detailed facts of each case and compare them to the law to decide if the case has merit or not,” he says.


“Young lawyers sometimes feel like they have to take every case that comes their way, but with experience you learn to spot the cases without merit and stay away from them,” Gunn adds. In fact, Gunn has become so adept at choosing which cases to work on that he helps secure favorable outcomes for his clients about 90 percent of the time.


More than Money


Of course, many cases are about more than money, Gunn stresses. “Sometimes I can see that a client has been severely wronged,” he says. Social Security disability cases are a good example. “Many of these clients are financially distraught, have no insurance and some are homeless. I consider it an honor to help these clients get justice.”


Gunn tells a story from early in his career when he took on the case of a client who wasn’t being paid overtime: “It was only a couple of hundred dollars of unpaid wages so no other lawyer would take it. He was very appreciative after we won the case and I collected a small fee. About five years later he was killed in an accident and his family found my card in his wallet, so they asked me to represent them in a major product liability lawsuit.”


More recently, Gunn helped win a collective-action wage lawsuit on behalf of about 600 employees who weren’t being paid overtime, as well as a mass tort case on behalf of 360 people who were being sold lending products they didn’t need.


With Cadence from the Beginning


Gunn maintains multiple business and personal accounts with Cadence Bank. He started banking with Cadence when he first opened his own practice 34 years ago. “I approached other banks but they weren’t interested in working with me,” he says. “Cadence Bank took a chance on me when I didn’t have much, and they’ve been there for me ever since.”


For example, Gunn says that after a recent settlement, he knew that many of his clients would be coming to Cadence Bank to cash checks. So he called in advance to let the bank know, which arranged to receive a special shipment of cash from the Federal Reserve to ensure that enough cash was on hand to meet his clients’ needs.


“Cadence has always provided us with exceptional service,” says Gunn. “They’ve never let me or my clients down.”


Howard Gunn, Attorney at Law, is located at 310 South Hickory Street in Aberdeen, Miss.


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