Recognition as Top 50 ACH Receiving Institution

Top ACH Receiving Institution

Growth in account-holder activity continues to put Cadence Bank on this prestigious list.

For the second straight year, Cadence Bank ranks as a Top 50 Automated Clearing House (ACH) Receiving Financial Institution by the National Automated Clearing House Association (called “Nacha”), which manages the ACH Network for the U.S. and reaches all banks and credit union accounts. The bank ranks 43rd, totaling almost $60 billion in ACH transactions received last year.

Direct deposits and direct payments are the smart and convenient way businesses, individuals and government entities safely send and receive payments. Also called direct debit, EFT, electronic bank transfer and eCheck, these payment types move on the ACH Network and give both parties the confidence that funds will be accurately and securely delivered on time.

According to Brent Phillips, group operations manager, ACH, “This honor speaks to our continuous growth in electronic transaction account activity in community, corporate and private banking. It is a great example of how Cadence continues to build and develop customer trust and confidence by always putting their needs first.”

Each year, Nacha takes all the payments received through the network and compiles a ranking of the top institutions by volume. A high volume of ACH transactions received typically points to a lot of activity by consumer account holders.

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