Trust & Estate Services Our Asset Management and Trust team works closely with you to ensure your trust is administered according to your philosophy and goals.

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Our team of experienced trust administration professionals provides the customized trust management and confidentiality needed for building successful, long-term relationships.

By designating Cadence Asset Management & Trust as trustee, you provide a secure, confidential structure for the protection, management and growth of your assets. This can supply a framework for transferring your wealth to future generations.

Trust and Estate Administration

Our objective is to ensure your trust is administered according to your ambitions. Our trust professionals work closely with you to understand your philosophy and your goals. We create a structure during your lifetime to implement this philosophy, which can sustain your vision for your heirs. We carefully monitor your asset allocation, maintain accurate accounting and tax records, and provide customized, timely reports.

Most individuals lack the time and/or skills required to administer an estate, given the complexity of assets, issues and changing family dynamics. Cadence Asset Management & Trust has skilled, experienced officers and staff to serve as Corporate Trustee, Co-trustee of your trust, or Executor or Co-Executor of your estate.

Agent for Trustee or Executor

As part of our agent for individual trustee services, we provide our clients with a variety of options to help make day-to-day life easier. Our team of talented and experienced professionals can assist with the responsibilities that an individual fiduciary needs to delegate without giving up the role of Executor or Trustee.

As agent for individual trustee or executor, we can help with:

  • Tax reporting
  • Custody of assets for safekeeping
  • Trade execution
  • Trade settlement details
  • Deposit and wire services
  • Tracking corporate reorganizations, mergers and other capital changes
  • Investment management (if you do not have an outside investment advisor)

We’ll provide a coordinated effort between you and your advisors to ensure your success as an Executor or Trustee.

Revocable Management Trusts

With a revocable living trust, you remain in control of the trust’s assets and can revoke or change the terms of the trust at any time. When you establish your living trust, you can either fund all of your assets into the trust while you are capable, grant your agent under your power of attorney the authority to fund your existing living trust, or even create and fund a living trust if you don’t already have one.

Once funded, and your trustee is acting, Cadence will manage your assets in your best interest if you’re incapacitated, as you get older and want to travel and relax more, or if you just want to minimize what you’re managing.

Let our trust and estate experts help you with all your revocable management trust needs.


Elder Care Support/Services

Our team of experienced trust officers will evaluate options to care for your elderly relatives and to plan for your own needs as you age. We can help in organizing information and documents as well as wealth and estate planning. Through our bill pay services team, we can relieve the burden of tracking and paying monthly bills on time. We may also be able to help in facilitating care coordination through our relationships.


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