Specialty Asset Management Our experienced Asset Management and Trust team understands the unique complexities of your specialty assets to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

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Our Asset Management and Trust team has years of experience in managing specialty assets such as real estate, farm and ranch land, and oil, gas and mineral interests. We partner with specialists across the region to provide our customers with reliable and comprehensive oversight of their properties.

Given our expertise in specialty asset management, we understand the many complexities involved. Because of this, we work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and opportunities and to help you meet your financial goals. We offer specialized record-keeping services to ensure accurate tax reporting, and to maximize the benefits of property owners.

Oil, Gas and Mineral Management Services

With expertise in multiple geographic areas and basins, our team has extensive knowledge of leases, lease terms and provisions, and market rates in specific geographic regions. Our experience in drilling operations allows us to better understand the risks and liabilities associated with mineral management services.

We can help with all your oil, gas and minerals management needs, including:

  • Advice for individuals, partnerships, trusts, estates, limited liability companies and non-profit organizations
  • File and record appropriate deeds, including title analysis and document review for mineral interest ownership
  • Analyze and process division orders with oil and gas companies
  • Collect and process oil and gas revenue, provide monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, and monitor revenues and expenses
  • Perform oil and gas lease reviews, evaluation and negotiation of leases, seismic agreements, and other exploration and production contracts
  • Perform exploration and production analysis of well proposals and proposed authority for expenditures
  • Review and process joint interest billings associated with working interest ownership
  • Research and recover escheated funds and funds held in suspense
  • Monitor and pay ad valorem taxes
  • Perform property valuations for sales, acquisitions, estate tax and annual reporting

Real Estate Asset Management Services

With a wide range of property and real estate management experience, we can help you meet your financial objectives for real estate holdings you own directly or in trust. We’ll help you:

  • Row File and record appropriate deeds for ownership of real property
  • Conduct necessary real estate inspections and maintain property in good repair
  • Monitor and pay ad valorem taxes and fire and casualty insurance on all properties
  • Perform property valuations for sales, acquisitions, estate tax and annual reporting
  • Provide agricultural/ranch management services
  • Give succession planning options for long-term property management companies held in a family business
  • Manage leases including residential, agricultural and more
  • Provide insurance coverage and claim management on our Master Trust Policy
  • Purchase and sell property
  • Manage commercial and residential assets, as well as farm, ranch and vacant tracts of land

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