How to Make Money on the Side

How to Make Money on the Side

Practical side hustles that pay well.

Making extra money on the side can be a great way to boost your income, help you achieve savings goals or simply enjoy a little extra spending cash. Whether you’re looking for flexible options or just a few creative ideas to make money, here are five ideas to consider.

  1. Sell Used Items: Do you have clothes from last season or last year? You may be able to sell them on online auction sites or apps to raise some extra money. This is particularly true if you have designer brands or popular handbags. Exclusive brands tend to hold higher resale value than their more affordable counterparts. If you already have items on sale but aren’t getting many bites, consider making direct discount offers to platform users who have favorited or viewed your items. Sometimes, a discount is too good for buyers to resist.
  2. Become a Rideshare Driver: If you own a car, signing up for popular rideshare or food delivery service apps may be right for you. You could drive passengers or pick up food or groceries. Being timely, professional and friendly can help you earn tips, and you can opt in or out based on your schedule, offering you flexibility. But be sure to check that you meet adequate auto insurance requirements.
  3. Petsitting/Dog Care: Several online platforms match pet owners with service providers for pet sitting, dog walking and other care. Like rideshare, this side hustle has some flexibility, making it more accommodating to a busy schedule. As an added benefit, walking dogs also provides you with healthy exercise. If you go this route, invest in a couple of extra leashes and pet waste bags to cover gaps in case pet owners forget to provide them.
  4. Babysitting: This classic standby is still in demand. But unlike the word-of-mouth from the analog era, numerous digital platforms exist to help you market your services, match with clients and manage online payments. Consider looking into babysitting certification courses offered by the American Red Cross that cover CPR, first aid and behavior compliance tactics. Certification might give you a competitive edge as a provider.
  5. Tutoring and Instruction: Do you have unique and rare skills and experience in a particular field where coaching and instruction are common? While teaching piano lessons to kids may come to mind, sometimes the adult learner market gets overlooked. If you have fine art painting skills, consider hosting Sip & Paint sessions to teach adults the fundamentals of painting. Did you work in the restaurant industry in a previous professional life? Many people enjoy hands-on cooking lessons from experienced chefs. The real trick is finding your niche and marketing it well.

Remember, a side gig can complement your full-time work and help you achieve your financial goals. When you have a side job that aligns with your skills, interests and passions, it may even be fulfilling in addition to making you extra money.

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