What is Loud Budgeting?


“Loud budgeting” is a trend gaining popularity on TikTok. Loud budgeting encourages you to be vocal about your money boundaries, especially when faced with spending temptations. Whether it’s saying no to an expensive dinner, resisting the urge to splurge on trendy items, or not joining friends on vacations you can’t really afford, loud budgeting empowers you to confidently say, “No thanks.”

Why Loud Budgeting Matters

  • It Normalizes Money Conversations: Talking about finances can be an uncomfortable topic. But talking openly about money helps break down social taboos and can lead to healthier financial discussions.
  • It Keeps Your Finances on Track: By being vocal about your budget, you reinforce your commitment to financial goals.
  • It’s Empowering: Saying “I’m choosing not to spend” reinforces your ownership over financial decisions.

How to Loud Budget: 4 Tips

  1. Know Your Budget and Goals: You can’t budget loudly or quietly if you’re not budgeting at all. Understand your financial limits and objectives. That starts with a budget.
  2. Be Positive, Not Defensive: No need to justify—simply state your choice not to spend. Don’t make it a judgment about yourself or anyone else.
  3. Avoid Comparison: Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on your own journey, not what others are doing.
  4. Suggest Alternatives: Propose more affordable or free options when declining invitations.

Tools for Effective Loud Budgeting

To make loud budgeting a breeze, consider using our online banking or our mobile banking app. Here’s how it can help:

  1. Budgeting Tools: The Cadence Bank online & mobile banking experience includes budgeting tools, allowing you to track income, expenses and savings.
  2. Savings Goal: When you are ready to splurge, our Savings Goal tool can help you reach your target. Set specific savings goals and monitor your progress. Whether it’s an emergency fund, a dream vacation, or a debt payoff, our tool helps keep you accountable.

Ready to get loud with your budget? Download the Cadence Bank Mobile app today and embrace the power of loud budgeting!

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