Automated Sweeps Maximize your short-term investments while retaining control of your cash.

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Benefits of Automated Sweeps Accounts

Automate liquidity management and place excess cash where you desire.
Retain control and ensure cash is accessible when needed.
Maximize interest and minimize idle balances.
Other Benefits
  • Prevent unnecessary overdraft fees
  • Have greater visibility into the funds within all your accounts
  • Save valuable time and money

Automated Sweeps Details

The sweep and zero balance commercial account solution eliminates the need to concentrate funds manually. It automatically moves excess checking account balances over a specific target balance, chosen by you, into an investment account, to pay down a loan or to your concentration account. Likewise, if the disbursement zero balance account needs funding, it will automatically be funded by the master concentration account.

Overnight Investment Sweep

This service allows you to optimize the return on your excess balances while still maintaining complete liquidity. Your company’s excess balances are automatically transferred from a non-interest bearing commercial account to an investment instrument each night. Balances are then returned the following business day with interest to be available for disbursements presented. You’ll be able to select the investment option that best meets your company’s strategy and investment needs.

Automated Loan Sweep

Cadence Bank’s Automated Loan Sweep Service allows you to disburse funds without having to manually move money between your checking account and your line of credit. Once a line of credit has been approved and established for your company, this automated service uses your excess balances to pay down your line of credit, acting as overdraft protection to help you avoid associated fees. Additionally, it can help reduce your interest expense. You simply set a target balance for your checking account and the excess funds will automatically be applied to your line of credit.

Automated Combined Sweep

Take advantage of both sweep services with our Combined Sweep. This service first looks to the line of credit and pays any balances down. If your line of credit has no balance, the excess balances are automatically invested for you.

Zero Balance Account

Our Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) allow you to easily manage separate accounts to support your payroll, petty cash, investment or other needs. With this feature, simply set up automatic transfers from the master account in amounts that cover checks presented against each ZBA, allowing you to maintain a zero balance in each subsidiary account. Additionally, you have the option to transfer funds from each ZBA back to the main account. This feature gives you more visibility into your accounts and greater control over your disbursements.

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