ACH Positive Pay Tools that can reduce the risk of fraudulent ACH transaction activity.

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ACH Positive Pay Details

Reduce the risk of fraudulent ACH transaction activity by using Cadence’s ACH Positive Pay service. With ACH Positive Pay, any unauthorized or blocked transactions will create exceptions which can be paid or returned.

Fraud is increasing at an alarming rate, which is why it’s more important than ever for your company to be prepared.

ACH Positive Pay helps combat fraud associated with electronic payments. Your business sets up ACH Authorization Rules for approved vendors which includes a maximum allowable amount. Any electronic transaction that occurs outside of these boundaries generates a Positive Pay exception so you can decide whether it is legitimate and then approve or deny the transaction.

ACH Filter block allows you to create a filter so only blocked or filtered transactions create a Positive Pay exception which can be approved or denied.

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ACH Positive Pay Benefits

ACH Positive Pay can provide your company with:

  • Security and Fraud Control – With instant online access to ACH Positive Pay, you can quickly set up debit filters for each of your vendors for acceptable ACH payment amounts drafting against your Cadence Bank account. Authorized users can review payments which exceed the acceptable amount ranges and make payment decisions.
  • Internal Control Support – Segregate the roles of debit filter administration and maintenance from pay or return payment decisions through ACH Positive Pay. The segregation of roles supports your internal control policy for separation of duties.
  • Flexible Notifications – Exception notifications may be sent to multiple email addresses or as a SMS text message (if available from receiving cellular carrier).**

Other Fraud Prevention services

*According to the 2022 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey
**Standard text messaging rates and data charges from your mobile service provider may apply

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