Association Services Resource Center Home to everything you need to know about the upcoming migration to the new association-centric payment processing platform.

A Platform Built for Your Specific Banking Needs

The new platform manages banking in a new, secure portal, providing easy payment options for residents and integration options with any association software that has a file format! Features include:

  • A dedicated lockbox that digitizes paper payments and ensures payments are properly matched and easily credited
  • Homeowner online payment portal via website or app
  • E-check (Homeowner ACH) self-enroll/cancel
  • Credit card/debit card
  • E-check (Homeowner ACH)
  • Reports & analytics to include check and coupon images
  • Remote Deposit Scanner capabilities to accommodate standard deposits and lockbox deposits
  • Ability to make and schedule transfers between accounts
  • Ability to view or download bank statements
  • Prior day balance and transaction reporting for checking, money market and certificate of deposit accounts
  • MoveIt feature to move misapplied homeowner payments within the same management company or self-managed association to the correct unit

Important details about the new platform

  • Homeowners who are set up for recurring ACH drafted by Cadence Bank-Association Services will seamlessly transfer to recurring E-check.
  • Homeowners who are set up for recurring credit card payments through ProPay/Cadence Bank-Association Services will need to re-enroll through the new platform.
Allegro Users
  • Allegro users will default to View Only Access once migrated to the new platform. Users who have utilized Bill Pay, Positive Pay, ACH Origination, Cash Manager or Invoice-to-Pay within the last 6 months will retain full access to those services.
  • Recurring/scheduled transfers between like tax ID numbers that are set up in Allegro will seamlessly transfer to the platform.

Please share this step-by-step guide with your homeowners.

Comprehensive training sessions

TresRE, Cadence Bank’s Association Services partner, will reach out directly to schedule training and ensure you are ready to take advantage of the new features and benefits.

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For any questions, please call toll-free at 877-329-1415 or email us at [email protected].
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