Business Loans and Lines of Credit We offer several options for business loans, including term loans.

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Information about Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Business Term Loans

Your business can change on a dime. Sometimes that means you need funds quickly, or you want to expand, or you must cope with the unexpected.

That’s why we’re here.

Our Business Term Loans can put you on the right path to:

  • Purchase business equipment or vehicles
  • Make capital improvements
  • Expand an existing location or purchase a facility

Cadence's business relationship managers work with you to consider all your options — current rates, how much you need to borrow, repayment terms and your current obligations — and help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

Cadence offers a variety of secured and unsecured lending options designed to meet specific borrowing needs. Our Business Term Loans offer you loans to enable you to make large-dollar expenditures with flexible, long-term repayment options.

Business Lines of Credit

Cadence Bank’s Business Lines of Credit can be a powerful tool to help you manage your finances more effectively and a valuable resource for:

  • Short-term working capital needs
  • Seasonal inventory increases
  • Special purchases
  • Discount opportunities
  • Unexpected expenses

Our Business Lines of Credit offer flexibility and access to capital, while our business relationship managers work with you to determine line amounts, terms, repayment schedules and collateral that meet your short-term borrowing needs.

You can take advantage of business opportunities by repaying and reusing your line of credit as needed to:

  • Maintain an even cash flow
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts to purchase inventory
  • Pay bills while you wait for receivables to be collected
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