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Welcome to the new Cadence Bank

Coming Together

BancorpSouth Bank and Cadence Bank have come together to form a new even better bank. The new Cadence represents much more than a merger of two financial institutions. Our new company is built on what makes the combined organization a financial services partner with a genuine difference. That difference can be seen in how we work with customers – and with one another – to help the people, companies and communities we serve prosper.

Together, our company offers more convenience, accessibility and simplicity through our expanded branch network, secure technology, and enhanced products and services. We combined the best of both organizations for the benefit of our customers delivered by the same financial services experts you have come to know and trust.

The integration of our systems is planned to occur over the weekend of October 7, 2022. We’ll guide you through any changes, if applicable, that you may experience, or any action needed. More information specific to the integration will be provided over the coming weeks.

New Cadence Offerings

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Full Service Branches


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Insurance Locations


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Mortgage Locations


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Wealth Management Locations


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ATMs and Live Tellers


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Full range of innovative banking and financial solutions

What's Changing?

A new look. A new brand. A new beginning.

BancorpSouth and Cadence both have rich histories of serving our customers and communities. Our new logo and look celebrates our pasts, while paving the path forward for our future.

Across our footprint, all BancorpSouth and Cadence customers will soon see and experience the new logo and brand. This includes new signs, a new website, a new look for your online banking experience and much more. The name, logo and brand may change, but our commitment to our customers and service excellence remains the same.


  • Rebranding of legacy BancorpSouth and legacy Cadence brands will occur during this time. You may start to see the new logo and brand at some branches, online and in our materials we provide to you.

  • System Integration Weekend: While there will be no system changes for current BancorpSouth customers, current Cadence customers will experience changes in how you bank with us. Our teammates will be available to answer questions, provide support and guide you through changes during and after the integration. In the coming weeks, specific integration details will be provided to current Cadence customers.
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What can you do to
prepare for the conversion?


Continue banking with us as you always have. Additional information will be sent to you by email or mail if you will experience any changes.


Review and update your current email, mailing address and account information within Online Banking. Important updates will be sent to you and we don’t want you to miss out on any upcoming changes.


Contact us if you have questions:

  • BancorpSouth Customer Service: 888‑797‑7711
  • Cadence Customer Service: 800-636-7622
  • Learn More

    Learn more about conversion changes that may affect you and your accounts at BancorpSouth or Cadence.

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