What's the Difference Between a Small Business Loan, Line of Credit & Credit Card? Learn more about lending options and when each makes the most sense.

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Small business owners face a variety of financial challenges, such as paying operating expenses, securing credit, purchasing equipment and managing seasonal inventory changes. For many, accessing credit is key to alleviating these challenges. It allows business owners to improve cash flow and can open up significant growth opportunities.

Small business loans, small business lines of credit and business credit cards are three primary types of credit available to small businesses. This eBook discusses when each is most appropriate—so you can choose the best lending options for your business’s needs.

  • What are common uses of a business line of credit vs. loan?
  • How does a small business line of credit work?
  • What kind of collateral might be necessary?
  • What are the advantages of a business credit card vs line of credit?

Maneuvering your credit options as a small business owner can be tricky. Download our eBook to find the answers to your small business lending questions.

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