Positive Pay Check and ACH Positive Pay are powerful fraud detection tools to help you automate the way you monitor transactions and enable you to validate payee information, manage exceptions, and streamline your workflows.

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Protect your business and reduce losses with our Positive Pay service.

Our Positive Pay service allows you to monitor checks presented for payment against your account and create exceptions based off issued items to decision.

Start managing your risk better.

Did you know your business has more exposure to fraud without Positive Pay and Payee Match?

With the increasing threat of fraud, taking necessary measures to protect your transactions is crucial. That's why we recommend using our Positive Pay service, which can help deter fraud and safeguard your account, especially with the Payee Match feature.

By using Cadence Bank's Positive Pay service with Payee Match, you can monitor checks presented for payment and reject unauthorized or fraudulently-altered transactions. This can save you a lot of stress and help prevent any unexpected loss due to fraudulent activity.

By not using Positive Pay with Payee Match, your business is responsible for the financial loss incurred from fraudulent activity. Cadence Bank does not provide recovery of funds lost to fraud if the security features offered by Cadence could have prevented that loss.1

Protect your business from financial loss by taking advantage of our Positive Pay and Payee Match services to reduce risk, save time and identify and reject fraudulent transactions.

Check Positive Pay

check positive pay

Reduce Losses Due to Check Fraud

Check Positive Pay helps protect against counterfeit or altered checks by providing the opportunity to review and disposition items that do not match an issued item. Sophisticated technology reads payee names from check images and detects alterations based on a check issuance file you provide daily.
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Manage Transactions from Your Desktop or Mobile Device

Manage, view and decision your positive pay transactions from your desktop or with the Cadence Treasury Mobile app. Checks presented at Cadence Bank branches are also protected and will be declined if they do not match your check issue.
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One-stop access to monitor checks presented for payment

Here's how Check Positive Pay works:

  1. You send an automated daily file of checks issued via the Commercial Online Banking Portal.
  2. Cadence Bank will use the check file and match checks as they are presented.
  3. Checks not found in the database will be reported to you daily via SMS alerts or e-mail notifications as exceptions.
  4. You will review and indicate to pay or return the check.

ACH Positive Pay


Take Control of ACH Transaction Security

Set limits on your ACH transactions, and ACH Positive Pay will automatically approve small or regularly recurring transactions, allowing you to review unusual ACH transaction amounts.

Security and Fraud Control

Set custom filters for different vendors with allowable ACH payment amounts. ACH debits within the acceptable range are paid automatically and exceptions are reviewed.
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Easy Online Access

View and process exception items, set up custom filters, and view your transactions at a glance in the easy-to-use Commercial Online Banking Portal.

Internal Control Support

Maintain your internal control processes by managing permissions for authorized users. Segregate the roles of ACH filter administration from pay-or-return decisions.
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ACH Authorization Rule

Quickly and easily generate lists of previous exceptions or current ACH debit filters. The robust reporting provides a wide variety of available criteria when generating your reports.
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Mobile Access

Get ACH Positive Pay on your smart device with the Cadence Treasury Mobile app for commercial clients. It’s a fast, convenient and secure way to manage ACH Positive Pay transactions.

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1 Additional Verification Services. The Bank may offer various services to try to assist you in detecting bank fraud, such as positive pay or similar services. You are strongly encouraged to use such services. You may or may not elect to obtain such additional services, and if you do not contact the Bank to obtain such services or you otherwise refuse such services, and if such services could have prevented or mitigated some or all losses you sustained or claim to have sustained as a result of actual or possible bank fraud, then you agree that you assume the risk of that decision and you are estopped from seeking and agree not to seek to recover such amounts from the Bank. You may also want to speak with an insurance agent to possibly obtain insurance to cover yourself against a possible future fraud loss.

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