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Meet Your Cadence Bank Loan Officers

Meet the Mortgage Loan Officers Managing your Mortgage. We have offices located in MS, TX, FL, GA and AL to serve all your mortgage needs.

Meet Your Loan Officers


We know that purchasing, building or refinancing your home can be an exciting but stressful time. At Cadence Bank, our experienced mortgage loan originators will work with you to find the right loan program and answer all your questions along the way.
Get started today and reach out to a Cadence Bank mortgage professional located near you in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia. Ready to buy or build? Select a mortgage professional near you from the list below and get access to all of our online mortgage resources.  Get answers to frequently asked questions, use our interactive mortgage calculators and begin the application process now. 

Below you will find coverage in:

Mortgage Originators Alabama

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Lisa Daniel 775233 Mortgage Loan Originator (205) 422-0050 Birmingham
Charles Felgner 659182 Mortgage Loan Originator (205) 327-3850 Birmingham
Maudie Hicks 1015328 CRA Mortgage Loan Originator (205) 771-0467 Birmingham
Sam Moss 659184 Mortgage Loan Originator (256) 532-2681 Huntsville
Connie Marie Arthur 843619 Mortgage Loan Originator (334) 213-2636 Montgomery
Rhonda McGough 264052 Mortgage Lending Manager (334) 213-2638 Montgomery
Katie Chambers 1053129 Mortgage Loan Originator (205) 345-5875 Tuscaloosa
Josh Denney 776121 Mortgage Lending Manager (205) 345-3941 Tuscaloosa

Mortgage Originators Florida

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Joe Hayes 453822 Mortgage Loan Originator (727) 723-2868 Clearwater
Buck Mills 65541 Mortgage Loan Originator (727) 807-5898 Sarasota
Eric Stone 1683411 VP, Central Florida Division Manager (813) 367-4765 Tampa

Mortgage Originators Georgia

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Luisa Robinson 278693  Mortgage Loan Originator  (404) 993-8721 Atlanta
Gary Rosser 1864614 CRA Mortgage Loan Originator (478) 444-2738 Macon
Joann Smith 233771 Mortgage Loan Originator (404) 988-8218 Marietta
Millicent Roman 490294 Mortgage Loan Officer (404) 309-0132 Atlanta
Anthony Stripling 980876 FVP, Georgia Division Manager (678) 362-6820 Atlanta

Mortgage Originators Mississippi

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Cindy Palmer 484964 Mortgage Lending Manager (662) 324-4754 Starkville

Mortgage Originators Texas

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Colt Badger 1384066 Mortgage Loan Originator [713] 334-3120 Houston
Glenda Gore 331384 Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 787-3155 Houston
Steve Moore 268781 Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 871-4057 Houston
Drew Steinmeyer 266665 Mortgage Division Sales Manager (713) 334-3118 Houston
John Thomas 595247 Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 871-4041 Houston
Debbie Lambert 718962 Mortgage Lending Manager (713) 552-2053 The Woodlands
Cheryl Lamb 512443 Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 807-0161 Houston
Amrita Gaurav 1861633 CRA Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 871-5340 Houston
Rigoberto Maza-Govantes 959902 CRA Mortgage Loan Originator (713) 871-4050 Houston

Mortgage Originators Private Banking

Website NMLS# Title Phone City
Debbie Acebo 728968 Mortgage Lending Manager (713) 871-4053 Houston
Dan Kehl 448234 Mortgage Loan Originator (205) 981-4724 Birmingham

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