Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Going on vacation is always exciting, but the planning process can sometimes be overwhelming. From choosing a destination to finding the best deals on flights and accommodations, there's a lot to consider. To help make the planning process easier, we've compiled six tips that will help you plan your next vacation with ease.

1. Start planning early.

One of the most important tips for vacation planning is to start early. The earlier you start planning, the more time you'll have to research and compare prices, find the best deals, and book your flights and accommodations. According to a survey by airfare monitoring website Skyscanner, the best time to book a flight is 18 weeks before your departure date (Skyscanner, 2021).

2. Set a budget.

Another important tip is to set a budget for your vacation. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure that you have enough money to enjoy all the activities and experiences you want to have. You can use online tools like to estimate the cost of your trip based on your destination and travel dates. Consider using the Savings Goals management tool in your Cadence Online Banking experience to build up a “war chest” for your trip.

3. Choose the right destination.

Choosing the right destination is key to having a successful vacation. Consider your family’s interests, travel style, and budget when choosing a destination. There are numerous travel websites that can help you research and compare different destinations and see reviews from other travelers who’ve experienced the location. Try to find an activity that matches the interest of each member of your family so there’s something for everyone.

4. Check your documents.

If you’ll be traveling by airline, you’ll need to have a valid ID. Double-check your documents to make sure your ID is still valid and won’t expire before or during your trip. If you plan to travel internationally, it’s important to know that most airlines will not let you board an international flight if your passport is set to expire within the window of time a nation allows you to visit without having a visa (usually 90 days) even if you plan on returning home before the end of that window. If your passport expires in less than 90 days from your date of departure, you could have a problem. Check your passports well in advance of any international trips and make sure they aren’t going to expire any time soon.

5. Consider travel insurance.

Travel insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected events like trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. It’s a good idea to hedge against the sunk costs you might end up with if something happens that cancels your trip.

6. Research local culture and customs.

When traveling to a new destination, it's important to research local culture and customs to help you know what amenities, foods and drinks to expect will be available and what not to expect. This is particularly important if you plan to travel overseas. A little research can help you avoid misunderstandings or cultural faux pas. There are numerous travel websites that can come in handy to help you brush up on cultural competency.


By following these six tips, you can plan your next vacation with ease and avoid any unnecessary stress or setbacks. Happy travels!

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By: Cadence Bank on May 12, 2023

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