Travel Safely This Holiday Season

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Twelve ways to be more prepared for travel this season.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little bit of traveling. But whether you’re going just over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house or maybe vacationing in a warmer climate, these 12 tips can help keep your holidays jolly:

Traveling By Car:

  1. Service the radiator and maintain the antifreeze level of your gasoline vehicle. The last thing you need is a cooling system freezing up or overheating.
  2. Check the tread on your tires or, if necessary, replace tires with all-weather or snow tires. Make sure to maintain correct air pressure when temperatures drop. Don’t forget to check the spare!
  3. Keep the gas tank full to help avoid moisture forming in the tank or fuel lines. By keeping it filled up often, you can also help prevent losing track of your fuel level and running out. Use your GPS apps to locate gas stations if you get low so you don’t miss an exit and find yourself running on fumes.
  4. Use a wintertime formula in your windshield washer fluid. Keep a good ice scraper in your car. Consider keeping a spray can of de-icer as well for quicker, easier frost and ice removal. The less hurry you’re in, the safer you’ll drive.
  5. Keep a flashlight, a blanket and a cell phone charging cable in your car. These can help keep you safer and more comfortable if you have a breakdown and can allow you to call for help.
  6. Check with your auto insurer to see if you have free roadside assistance or can include it as an add-on for a low fee. Consider adding it. It can help get you out of a jam.

Traveling By Plane:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Extra time may be needed for parking and checking a bag at the airline check-in counter or the security checkpoint. There is no substitute for arriving early and being prepared.
  2. Prepare for security when packing and ensure no prohibited items are in carry-on luggage. Bringing prohibited items to the security checkpoint will result in a bag check, slowing the screening process for you and all travelers behind you.
  3. Download the app of your airline carrier. You can get gate updates, delay information and boarding and arrival information as push notifications, helping you navigate your trip a little easier.
  4. Watch your bags. Don’t leave them unattended. This not only helps airport security but can prevent theft.
  5. Check all your documents. Make sure they are up to date. Make sure photo IDs and passports are not nearing expiration. You may be denied entry if your passport expires within the time window of a nation’s visa requirements - even if your return trip will be before your passport expires.
  6. Stay hydrated. The air at high altitudes is much drier than on the ground, making it easier to get dehydrated. This could lead you to become tired and increase the effects of jetlag. By drinking plenty of water, you might find your trip is less physically demanding.

Wherever your holiday season takes you, Cadence would like to wish you safe travels and happy holidays. Want to make sure your home full of gifts and auto have the right insurance coverage this holiday season? We can help. We can even help you with travel insurance if you are planning a holiday getaway. Get custom quotes and coverage tailored to your needs.


Sources: Transportation Security Administration,, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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By: Cadence Bank on Nov 1, 2023

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