Time-Saving Banking Tips


Bank more efficiently to get more of your day back.

Looking for ways to streamline your day and get the most out of your time? Fortunately, Cadence Bank can help. Here are five time-saving tips to get your banking done on the go.

  1. Go Online. Embrace the digital space. Make sure you’re registered for the Cadence Online Banking experience. Download the Cadence Bank app from Google Play or the App Store. Use these tools to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, or deposit checks through your smartphone.
  2. Automate Regular Transactions. Use our Bill Pay feature to automate regular payments, saving you the time of logging in to manually pay each month. External platforms may allow you to automate bank withdrawals, saving you the trouble of logging in to pay things like your phone bill or car payment.
  3. Use LIVE Teller + ATM. Tap. Talk. Transact with LIVE Teller-equipped ATM locations. These interactive machines allow you to interact with a banker via video connection, giving you the opportunity to complete most of the same transactions you would visit a regular branch for. And the best part? They’re operational with extended hours!
  4. Online Statements. Don’t wait for that piece of snail mail to come to your mailbox. Access statements online faster and more conveniently with digital statements. Opt in today!
  5. Know Your Branches. Have a need for an in-person branch? Make sure you use our location finder to know where the branches are so you can plan ahead and avoid peak hours and high-traffic areas.

Remember, time management of your banking needs starts with understanding your options and making use of technology. By following these tips, you can save time, reduce stress and make the most of your day.

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