Crucial Role of Mental Health Service for All

Hope and Healing Center & Institute (HHCI)

In the bustling city of Houston, Texas, the Hope and Healing Center & Institute (HHCI) stands as a pillar of support for those grappling with mental health challenges. As the world becomes increasingly more aware of the importance of mental well-being, organizations like this one play a pivotal role in providing accessible mental health services to individuals from all walks of life.

The Hope and Healing Institute's mission is clear and profound: to provide access to care for individuals and families affected by mental illness through education, training, clinical and support services, and research. HHCI provides a refuge where people can find solace, guidance and assistance on their journey toward mental wellness. Founded on the principle that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, deserves access to quality mental health services, HHCI has been a source of hope for countless individuals and families since 2011.

Mental health knows no boundaries

Mental health transcends income levels, age groups and societal status. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness–that is a staggering 57.8 million adults. And, nearly 60% of adults suffering from a mental illness do not receive health services.

While mental illness does not discriminate, the reality is that not everyone has equal access to resources for managing mental health. Financial constraints are often a barrier, preventing many from seeking the help they desperately need. HHCI recognizes this gap and takes proactive steps to bridge it. By offering affordable–and even free services–to the community, it’s helping to ensure that no one is left behind. A significant contributor to the Institute's noble mission is the support it receives from corporate donations, like the one from the Cadence Bank Foundation, which enables it to extend its reach and make a lasting impact.

The synergy between corporate philanthropy and social responsibility

Cadence understands that investing in mental health is investing in a healthier community. The bank’s vision is to help people, companies and communities prosper. This vision is fulfilled through the philanthropic work of the Cadence team. The company focuses on supporting causes that resonate with its teammates across its nine-state footprint. By channeling donations and resources into specific causes like mental health, Cadence becomes an integral part of the journey to well-being in the communities where its teammates live and work.

Why the Hope and Healing Institute is special to Cadence Bank

Paul Murphy, HHCI board member and former executive vice chairman of Cadence Bank, was instrumental in the founding of the independent nonprofit organization housed on the campus of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, where he is a member. When the church acquired some adjacent land, Paul initially thought it would be used for baseball fields and basketball courts. But as he explained, he is thankful for the forward-thinking community members who advocated for the space to be used for the Hope and Healing Center & Institute.

"Witnessing its humble beginnings and observing its evolution into the prominent institution it is today, I am in constant admiration of The Hope and Healing Center & Institute. The dedicated staff positively impacts and enhances countless lives each year. It truly is an honor to support such a wonderful organization."

Paul Murphy, HHCI board member and former executive vice chairman of Cadence Bank

The donation to HHCI from the Cadence Bank Foundation was in recognition of Paul’s dedication to service and longstanding commitment to the company’s board of directors. Donations help HHCI to expand its services, develop new programs and provide comprehensive care that addresses the diverse needs of its clients no matter their economic status. Whether it's developing support groups, creating educational resources or establishing outreach programs, these donations act as a lifeline that empowers the HHCI to serve an ever-widening circle of individuals in need.

HHCI’s commitment to providing accessible mental health services is a testament to the power of empathy, compassion and dedication. In a world that can often feel divided, organizations like this shine as beacons of unity, reminding us that mental health is a universal concern with no boundaries. With the generous support of corporate donations, HHCI continues to forge ahead, ensuring that hope and healing are within reach for everyone.


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