Contactless Payments: Quicker, Easier

contactless payments

Check Out Faster with a Tap

Did you know you can check out faster just by tapping your Cadence Bank Mastercard® Credit Card? With built-in chip security, contactless payments let you breeze through the line when you’re on the go.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s easy—just tap and go. You can even upload your card to your smartphone or wearable device and use them to tap at participating checkout counters too.

One benefit of tap-and-go payments is less physical contact between you and a checkout kiosk. In the winter months, when cold and flu are on the rise, this could help you stay more hygienic and potentially safer.

Another benefit is the ability to upload your card to your mobile wallet on your smartphone. Have you ever gotten to the checkout line and realized you left your credit card at home? With a Cadence Bank Mastercard® Credit Card in your mobile wallet, you can still complete a purchase with your smartphone without the inconvenience of having to retrieve your physical card.

Quick, fast, easy and safe. What could be better? But there’s more good news. Cadence Bank will soon be rolling out debit cards with built-in chip security contactless features throughout the year, providing you with more options to use contactless payments!

Ready to use contactless payments but don’t have a Cadence Bank Mastercard® Credit Card?

We can help! Apply for a Cadence Bank Credit Card today.


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