Beyond Banking: Six Things Your Banker Should Be Doing for You

Beyond Banking

Managing the intricate landscape of business finances often proves overwhelming and time-intensive. We recognize your desire to channel your energy toward your team and the community you serve rather than grappling with financial intricacies. A proactive and supportive banking ally can alleviate this burden. Placing customers at the core of our operations, we take pride in advocating for clients, regardless of their size. A robust support system from your banking team can truly transform your experience.

We'll explore the six key areas where your banker should be actively assisting your business to ensure financial efficiency, growth, and security.

  1. Expanding Services for Lower Costs
  2. A comprehensive banking ally goes beyond the basics. Your banking team should offer an array of products and services that can directly benefit your business. As you add more services to your banking relationship, you unlock cost-saving benefits. From reduced transaction fees to tailored financial solutions, leveraging a broad spectrum of banking services can lead to a lower cost of service overall, enhancing your financial efficiency. By embracing a one-stop-shop approach, your bank becomes a versatile partner in your business's financial journey. You'll gain access to a wider range of core banking services and have the opportunity to explore various additional offerings from the institution, including wealth management, foreign exchange, private banking, insurance and more. Your bank should be a convenient hub catering to all your financial needs while fostering a relationship that instills a sense of comfort and support.

  3. Optimizing Cash Management
  4. Is your business capitalizing on its excess cash? A forward-thinking bank should help you earn interest on idle funds. By offering competitive interest rates on business savings accounts and money market accounts, your bank can help you make the most of your liquid assets, ensuring your money works as hard as you do. Beyond just earning interest, your banking team should assist in maximizing your payment collection processes through advanced treasury management solutions, custom payment portals and technology upgrades. These tools streamline cash flow, reduce administrative burdens and enhance the overall efficiency of your financial operations. Your bank should organize accounts in the most efficient manner possible regarding FDIC coverage, while also providing additional deposit protection options, such as through the CDARS network, off-balance-sheet sweeps and more, as needed.

  5. Interest Rate Derivatives
  6. Protecting your business from volatile interest rates is essential. Experienced banking teams offer tools like interest rate swaps or caps to help safeguard your bottom line. These instruments allow you to manage interest rate risks effectively, ensuring that you won't be caught off guard by sudden rate fluctuations.

  7. Loan Renewal Guidance
  8. When it comes to loans, renewals can be complex - especially with rising interest rates and a tighter credit market in today’s economy. Your bank should assist you throughout the renewal process, taking into account changes in credit agreements and market dynamics. This personalized approach ensures that your loan terms remain aligned with your business needs and objectives.

  9. Protecting Against Fraud
  10. Staying vigilant against fraud is crucial for every business. Your bank should actively provide updates on best practices and market trends related to fraud prevention. This might include insights into emerging fraud schemes and techniques, ensuring you stay ahead of potential threats. As check fraud and other types of fraud continue to evolve, your bank's commitment to security helps safeguard your business.

  11. Building Networks and Connections
  12. A proactive banking ally doesn't just offer financial services; it fosters connections and relationships. Look for a team that actively connects businesses within its network, facilitating collaborations, partnerships and opportunities. Whether it's through networking events, introductions to potential clients or access to external service providers, this network-centric approach can enhance your business's growth potential. At Cadence, it is crucial for our teammates to engage with and support the communities we serve, so we can better understand the unique needs and aspirations of our customers. Doing this enables us to offer tailored financial solutions, contribute to local development and foster a sense of partnership that goes beyond banking services and ultimately creates a positive impact that resonates beyond the realm of finance.

In today's dynamic business landscape, your banking team should do much more than hold your money. It should act as a trusted advisor, offering a range of services that optimize your finances, safeguard your assets and fuel your business’s growth. At Cadence, we are committed to becoming your strategic ally, helping you navigate the financial realm with confidence. To learn more about our services, visit or contact Taylor Ducoff at [email protected].


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By: Taylor Ducoff, Executive Vice President & Senior Managing Director - Commercial and Industrial Lending on Aug 24, 2023

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