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Banking To Suit Your Lifestyle

You have an active life & an active career. Make your banking fit your lifestyle so your money can keep pace with your life.

A survey suggests that most people between the ages of 25 and 40 would rather go to the dentist than listen to advice from a banker.
It sort of makes sense. With an active career and social life, you have better things to do than go to a bank and stand in line just to take care your basic banking.

You’re Already Connected Most Of The Day

Your life is seldom on pause, except when you’re asleep. You make dinner reservations between plays at your kickball league. You check the latest fantasy football rankings as you ride the elevator to the office. When you shut down your computer at work, you open your tablet to catch up on your friends’ plans for the weekend. Before bed, you check the fitness monitor app to find out how many steps you’ve taken that day.

Why Do Your Banking Any Differently?

Banking can be that easy too, and you don’t even need a new wristband – you can do most of your banking from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
If you’d rather go to the dentist than the bank, then you are probably banking at the wrong place. With Cadence Online and Mobile digital banking services, your banking can fit right into your busy, digital life, as easily as texting a friend:

Text Banking 

That new gadget you wanted is finally on sale, and you must buy it today. But first, check the balance in your account. Text BAL to the bank and see your balance in seconds.

Person To Person Payments 

You and your brother decided to go in together on your sister’s wedding gift – now your brother bought the gift, but you don’t have any cash in your wallet to pay him back. Use Pay a Person to send him the money via his mobile phone number or email address.


Flash Deposit Checks 

Your mom still writes checks - and, thankfully, a check was part of your birthday present – but you don’t have time to visit the bank to deposit it. Just snap a picture of the check with your mobile phone and deposit it from wherever you are with FlashDeposit.

Budget Management 

You have an exciting trip to the islands in mind for your next big vacation, so you want to start watching your spending, maybe even set a budget to save for your trip – but that takes so much time, doesn’t it? Not with TotalMoney, a feature of Cadence Online and Mobile. You can quickly set a budget based on your own spending patterns across all your accounts.


Know A Banker When You Need One

When you don’t have time to visit a bank, Cadence Online and Mobile make it easy for your money to keep up with your life. Of course, when something comes up and you want to talk to a banker, don't be afraid to come into a branch. It’s always good to know someone when you need a little extra help. Cadence bankers are lots more fun than dentists.
It’s easy to make banking fit into your active lifestyle. Start with any personal checking account at Cadence Bank, and use Cadence's digital banking wherever it suits you best – on your mobile, tablet, laptop or all three! There’s no additional charge from Cadence for Cadence Online and Mobile services. Ready to get started?

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