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6 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Treasury Management Processes

Is it time to reassess your treasury management process? There are a few key signs that indicate your treasury management services are in need of an upgrade.

The right treasury management solutions can boost efficiency, inform business decision-making and strengthen cash flow.


Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize how much their treasury management process could be improved until they’ve already lost valuable time and resources. After all, it’s natural to resist change—especially if you’ve been following the same processes for years.


Whether you operate a small business or a middle-market company, it’s essential that you work with a commercial bank that offers the type of services you need to grow your business. If the following challenges are relatable to you, it may be time to look into upgrading your organization’s treasury management services.


1. You’re manually processing checks

There are a variety of reasons why your organization might still use paper checks—but there’s no need to have your employees manually process them.


With Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit checks from the comfort of your office, without having to make a trip to your local branch. Checks can be scanned with a digital check scanner or with your mobile device, allowing you to receive same-day credit. If you’re still processing checks by driving them to your bank and filling out deposit tickets, Remote Deposit can save you a great deal of time.


For companies that tend to receive multiple checks in a given day, a receivables lockbox may be the right solution. Wondering how lockbox banking works? Here are the steps:


  • Your customers mail their checks to a P.O. box at the bank
  • The bank collects the contents of the P.O. box at regular intervals throughout the day
  • The bank processes the checks on automated equipment and electronically sends the funds to your account


Lockbox is a secure solution that can free up time for your internal staff.


2. It takes too long for deposits to process

Lockbox banking not only simplifies your accounts receivable process—it can also accelerate your cash flow cycle. Instead of holding onto checks until you have time to visit your bank, your checks will be automatically processed each day, allowing you to get access to your deposits more quickly.


A preferred method of receiving your payments faster is to switch to electronic transactions when possible. ACH payments are processed and delivered within one to two business days. Payees also have the option of choosing same-day ACH for eligible transactions.


Removing concerns about mail carrier delays, ACH payments are more reliable and predictable than paper checks. ACH Payments have guaranteed settlement times and are processed more quickly than checks. This allows you to improve your cash flow forecasting and make better-informed decisions about your liquidity needs.


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3. You’ve recently been hit by a cyber attack

If your business was recently the victim of cyber crime, you’re not alone. According to a 2021 report by Check Point Software, 87% of organizations have experienced an attempted exploit of a security vulnerability. In addition, 46% of organizations have had employees download malicious applications.


To reduce your risk of cyber crime, it’s essential that you work with a bank that follows treasury management best practices, displays a clear commitment to fraud prevention and works to provide education about strong business practices to reduce fraud.


At Cadence Bank, we offer a variety of fraud prevention tools that help protect you from payment fraud. For example, our Positive Pay service protects you against fraudulent checks by matching presented checks against a file of issued checks. Benefits of Positive Pay include:


  • Multiple options for submitting check issued files
  • Notifications of potentially fraudulent checks via email, text or online banking messages
  • User-friendly online decision process for approving or denying exceptions through desktop or mobile


We also provide an ACH Positive Pay service, which notifies you of potential fraud in your company’s ACH debit transactions.


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4. You have business accounts with multiple banks

Did you know that having your company’s finances split across multiple banks can hinder the efficiency of your treasury management?


It’s common for businesses with multiple locations to make deposits at their local banks, but having accounts across different institutions can make monitoring your company’s balances and predicting cash flow much more difficult.


Consolidating your balances with a Cash Concentration solution gives you greater insight and visibility into your company’s financial performance. When you have a more complete picture of your finances, it makes it easier to know when you need to take a commercial loan to meet your business needs.


One advantage of Cadence Bank’s Cash Concentration service is that your business’s individual locations can still deposit money at their local banks. These deposits can then be electronically transferred to your centralized account.


How can treasury integration and automation help your company?

Our eBook, “Increase Efficiency With Integrated Treasury Management Solutions,” discusses treasury management services that can help you boost productivity throughout your organization.


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5. Accessing your financial information is inconvenient

Difficulty accessing your finances doesn’t just stem from having multiple accounts. If your bank doesn’t offer a user-friendly online banking portal, getting a clear look at your financial information can be a hassle.


To minimize this issue, partner with a commercial bank that offers a single sign-on portal for your online banking needs. With Cadence Bank’s Cash Management system, you can access and control information, manage cash flow, initiate payments, and transfer funds.


In addition, look for a bank that offers integrated information reporting tools. This allows you to store archived images of checks, deposit tickets, bank statements and other documents, preventing you from having to sort through piles of paperwork when you need to find records of a past payment.


6. Your existing treasury management services aren’t personalized

Since every business has unique needs, make sure your commercial bank provides customized Cash Management solutions, not just a one-size-fits-all package.


For example, while a small business may be able to handle managing their own payroll, larger organizations often need to enlist the help of a full-service payroll solution. Companies that do not process many checks may not need lockbox banking, but for companies that use checks as their primary form of payment, this service is essential.


Cadence Bank has treasury management services available to suit businesses of all sizes. This includes:



Our treasury management officers take the time to understand your business and its needs, so they can recommend the solutions that are right for you.


Cadence Bank’s approach to treasury management

Cadence Bank takes a relationship-focused approach to commercial banking. We’re dedicated to building trust with our clients. Getting to know you better as a banking partner helps us create financial solutions that are tailored to your needs. Reach out to a treasury management officer today to start the conversation.


For more information on improving your business’s treasury management process, download our free eBook, “Increase Efficiency With Integrated Treasury Management Solutions.”



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