What is Cadence Business Solutions? Integration and combination of all Cadence solutions working in synchronicity

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Human Capital Management

  • Integrated HCM/Payroll
  • Cloud based timekeeping and workforce management with GPS and geofencing plus PTO and accrual tracking
  • Tax filing in all 50 states
  • Full Human Resource Management systems with compliance, learning management system, dedicate call support, nationwide support
  • ACA tools and reporting with dedicated ACA professional support
  • Pooled Employer 401k/403b investment services with feeds to providers
  • E-verify and new hire reporting

Financial Strength & Security

  • Public and audited financials with proof of strong long-term balance sheet and history of sustained profits
  • SOC Type 2 Audit with no material exceptions. Internal and external company audits preferable
  • Full disaster recovery plans and systems
  • Dedicated information security team and procedures


  • Dedicated Client Managers for each client
  • Dedicated support with immediate live answers and no voicemail or automated answer systems
  • Customized General Ledger Reporting for streamlined input or import


  • Per person per payroll all-inclusive fees with no surprises
  • No additional charges for year-end items such as W-2s, 1099s, 1095s

Our system connects the following:

worker at desk
Employee application and onboarding
calendar checked
Tracking employee time, attendance, vacation and accruals
marker to marker
GPS capability that syncs to payroll and has a simple-to-use time clock
investments bar graph
Tax management and reporting; registered reporting agent with the IRS

Solutions Delivered in Harmony

We have a knowledgeable support staff that ensures that all data flows properly. Our cloud-based platform offers streamlined processes, easily accessible employee information and allows for customization as well as simple reporting and tracking.

Current Payroll/HCM Disconnect & Pain Points How Cadence Business Solutions resolves the disconnections
Process errors for HR, employees, finance and vendors Automated processes integrating payroll and timekeeping
Employee hour calculation and reporting Automated and integrated workforce management (timekeeping and scheduling)
401(k) Calculations and transmissions issues Direct 401(k) servicing and data transmission from payroll to investment
ACA Reporting - Coding, tracking and 1095s Automated ACA tracking and reporting tools integrated with payroll and benefits
Compliance knowledge and implementation Full suite of HR tools, guidance and employee management

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