Vacation on a Budget: Tupelo

Vacation on a Budget Tupelo

Budget-Friendly Fun in the All-America City

Tupelo, Mississippi, has a rich history and natural beauty. While it may not be as well-known as major metropolitan cities, it offers an array of budget-friendly activities for visitors and locals alike. From exploring the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway to immersing yourself in the musical legacy of Elvis Presley’s roots, there’s something for everyone. Here are five low-cost activities to do in this charming All-America city.

1. Public Parks

Tupelo boasts several public parks. Ballard Park, located on the city's west side, features walking trails, a small disc golf course that is free to play, and a pond frequented by wild waterfowl. There is also a skate park for those who prefer rolling over walking.

On the east side of Tupelo, Veterans Park similarly offers ponds and walking trails. One moving feature of this solemn park dedicated to the servicemen and women of the U.S. armed forces is a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

2. City Hall/Visitor’s Center

Drive through the heart of downtown Tupelo’s Main Street, and you can’t miss the most prominent feature of the Fairpark greenspace in front of Tupelo’s City Hall. A large statue of Elvis Presley, sculpted by artist William Beckwith, draws visitors from around the world. The statue depicts Presley as he appears in a photo taken during his famous Tupelo Homecoming concert. Fairpark also features a statue of Chief Piomingo, a Chickasaw leader and diplomat influential to the Founding Fathers of early America.

The Tupelo Visitor’s Center is a quick, two-block walk from Fairpark. Here, you’ll find interactive educational multimedia exhibits that highlight the history of Tupelo, as well as friendly staff that can help you navigate your way around the city.

3. Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum

Head down to 306 Elvis Presley Drive, and you’ll find a humble shotgun shack. This was the birthplace of Elvis Presley. The grounds also feature a museum, chapel, an original church building that the Presley family attended, and a walking path that winds around several statues of Elvis, fountains and a pond. The grounds, statues and exteriors are accessible for free. Entrance to the home and museum requires a ticket. The prices range in packages from $5 for children over seven to $25 for the most inclusive adult ticket. Children under seven are free. There is no cost for parking.

4. Oren Dunn City Museum

Housed in a 1937 dairy barn adjacent to Ballard Park, the Oren Dunn City Museum offers a unique view into the region's past. The museum's collection reflects the local and regional history of Tupelo and northeast Mississippi, focusing on major milestones in agriculture and industry and significant events in Tupelo's history. Examples include the 1864 Civil War Battle of Harrisburg, the 1936 Tupelo Tornado, and the Hospital on the Hill. The museum also boasts a 1940s-era model railroad of downtown Tupelo. The best part? Admission is free!

5. Shopping

Tupelo has a plethora of shopping available no matter what you’re looking for. On the north side of town, not far from Interstate 22, lies the Barnes Crossing area, featuring the Mall at Barnes Crossing and several shopping centers featuring big box stores, fast fashion retailers and discount outlets.

The downtown shopping area runs along West Main Street through Crosstown and beyond. You can find boutiques, beauty salons, Reed’s department store, and more here. If you need tools or supplies, you can even visit the hardware store where Elvis Presley’s mother bought him his first guitar. And should you need to withdraw some cash, Cadence Bank has a full-service branch nearby and additional locations all around town.

Tupelo has something for every budget. To learn more about area attractions, check out Our handy tool can also help you locate a Cadence Bank branch.

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