School Districts & Academia We can provide solutions that make sense for your goals and budget.

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Whether you are responsible for a single campus or multiple campuses, there is much to consider when it comes to coverage. We have vast experience meeting the risk management needs of protecting school property, administrators, staff and students in the classroom. You can count on our expertise to help limit your exposures and provide solutions that make sense for your goals and budget, including crafting employee benefits programs.

When your property is affected, your budget is too. We will work with you to develop a tailored plan to protect against possibilities of loss, theft, damage, business interruption, loss of income and the loss of use. We provide you with the solutions you need to keep your organization moving forward when it needs it the most. Protect your physical assets and cover your contents, whether you own the property, lease or work remotely.

Catastrophe Analytics, or CAT Analytics, plays a significant role in how we make determinations for your coverage. Just because you may have multiple structures on the same property, that doesn’t mean a blanket policy is the right solution for you. We will map and evaluate the integrity of each structure independently to provide the most comprehensive and compelling risk profile possible.

As your partner, we will position ourselves as part of your team. Far from just simply securing coverage for you, we will work with you to improve your risk profile. Our holistic approach will take many forms. Specialists will examine your policies and procedures, conduct educational seminars and offer training to keep you, and your employees, on the leading edge.

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