Religious Organizations & Non-Profits We pair you with solutions that make sense.

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Religious Organizations

We strive to provide strength and understanding in a world that sometimes doesn’t make sense. When things go sideways, we give guidance to help our friends and neighbors just like you. We understand your risks require highly tailored coverage, and we have the experience to pair you with solutions that make sense.

As your partner, we will work with you to improve your risk profile, beyond just simply securing coverage for you. In addition to assisting you with property damaging events, we will also guide you through considerations for claims of misconduct and other disputes. Let us provide you the peace of mind to carry out the mission, regardless of the unexpected earthly costs that interfere.


Your mission is to serve others. Our mission is to serve you. Let us be your insurance provider so you can focus on your efforts within your community. Whether your reach is local or national, we understand your value and the importance of your impact. Our team partners with you to create a customized insurance program that is tailored to fit your needs, lower your risk, and control your costs.

Faith Based Communities

At Cadence Insurance we are passionate about identifying and meeting needs that directly impact the diverse communities in which we serve. We have the privilege of working with the Association of Related Churches and its members across the country, and we are grateful for this opportunity to help further the Kingdom.

UPCI Program

Cadence Insurance and Church Mutual® are proud to announce their partnership with the UPCl. This union offers an exclusive program to all the UPCI churches in the United States.
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