Compliance Support & Oversight It's easy to be overwhelmed by changing laws and regulations.

Compliance is often complex, time consuming, and can have a significant impact on your organization. We are dedicated to providing you with support, tools and resources that align your business practices with applicable laws and regulations.

We have experienced compliance consultants and an in-house attorney ready to advise your organization. With access to these resources, your organization can stay ahead of new and existing regulations, allowing you to direct other resources toward your focus of growing a successful business.

Customized Training

We also provide customized on-site and video training. Using these resources will ensure your HR team is current on compliance topics, such as:

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) consulting
  • Health care reform design and cost
  • Human resources management

Let one of our team of advisors help you navigate your compliance strategy by clicking here.

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