Risk Improvement (Loss Control) Partnerships are essential for controlling insurance costs.

Excellent service is an expectation. Our risk improvement (loss control) services transcend traditional risk management. Cadence Insurance helps clients reduce controllable loss exposures, improve their risk profile, experience fewer claims and control the cost of risk. Risk improvement is an investment in your business.

Our comprehensive risk assessment includes conversations about your current business practices and a review of facilities or job sites. A combination of industry-specific services, resources and software is used to improve your risk internally and harness your best results externally. Loss control must compliment your human resources, operations, and financial management strategies. Our Real Cost of Risk® consultation is an evidence-based approach to improve your organization’s performance while safeguarding your assets.

Industry-Specific Resources & Services:

  • Cadence Insurance CARE service
  • Carrier Placement Support (Marketing)
  • Catastrophe (CAT) Analytics
  • Contractor Verification Service Assistance (i.e. ISNetworld)
  • Group Captive
  • In-person/Live HR Training Seminars
  • Live and On-Demand Human Resources and Compliance tools (fees apply)
  • Loss Analytics
  • Property Risk
  • Public Entity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management Center (fees apply)
  • Safety Policy Review
  • Surveys & Consultations



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