Benefits Administration We can simplify your benefits administration.

Manage your annual and ongoing enrollment through an online all-in-one platform that features:

Easy Online Enrollment

  • Compare and select plans
  • Quickly enroll new hires
  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines
  • Review coverage status for all employees
  • Manage contribution levels
  • Store, review and acknowledge important plan documents

User-Friendly Interface

  • Eliminate paper with self-service portals that are easy to use
  • Review benefits and plan details anytime, anywhere
  • Create real-time reports for administrators

Keep Track of Your Hourly Employees

  • Quickly identify eligible employees
  • Import hours quickly and simply
  • Set up stability and administrative periods
  • Track hours during measurement periods

ACA Reporting

  • Track and categorize employees
  • Import health plan enrollment data
  • Calculate affordability and monthly FTE
  • Generate and send 1094-C and 1095-C reports

Payroll Integration

  • Integrate seamlessly with partner payroll providers
  • Improve data accuracy and eliminate dual-entry

Let one of our seasoned risk advisors help you discover the solutions best suited to your needs here.

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