Benefits Strategy Seasoned risk advisors to help you devise a plan.

As a client of Cadence Insurance, you can expect us to follow five steps:


Initially, we work with you to analyze the current state. We determine what is working and what is not. We accomplish this through discussions with your key stakeholders and by reviewing contracts, plan documents, certificates of coverage, financial reports and claim reports.


After identifying specific areas of opportunity, we work with you to prioritize these initiatives. We start with those that have the highest value, based on improving operational efficiency, increasing employee satisfaction or reducing cost.


We realize that strategic changes are not made in a vacuum. The timeline for implementation needs to be established and take into consideration all priorities within your organization. We will partner to create a timeline that takes into account the key milestones that must be achieved to ensure success.


For each project, we work with our clients to define the key metrics that will be used to measure success. We document current results and use those as the baseline against which we measure future results. On a regular basis we compare actual results to the baseline metrics and report on the areas that meet, exceed or do not meet the defined expectations.


Based on the reporting, we work with our clients to make intelligent, well informed adjustments to areas that are not meeting expectations.

Let one of our seasoned risk advisors help you navigate these decisions and devise a plan customized to your needs. Reach out here.

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