The UPS Store Program Designed for The UPS Store network

Since 1987, Cadence has been successful in placing customized business insurance for The UPS Store® network. Cadence places the highest value on its relationships with the franchisees and the professional responsibilities that go along with providing insurance and risk management solutions to the network.

Dedicated Team

Cadence's qualified and responsive service team only handles The UPS Store network. We fully recognize the privilege it is to serve the network and we understand that helping franchisees build a future depends on us helping them manage the distinct risk realities of owning and operating The UPS Store Centers.  We work hard to make sure every franchisee  feels valued and taken care of every step of the way.

The Right Protection

The UPS Store insurance program offers innovative insurance products, with relevant coverage enhancements designed exclusively for the network. Coverage offered through our insurance program meets or exceeds The UPS Store, Inc. Minimum Mandatory Coverage Requirements.
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More Solutions

Cadence has expanded its offering to include business solutions to help franchisees manage their most valuable asset:  People.  Our complimentary, on-demand Human Resources (HR) Platform and Resource Portal, along with our competitive Payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM) services offering, help owners and managers stay focused on successfully running Centers and taking care of their own clientele.
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HR Platform Overview

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About Cadence Insurance

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Customer service

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