Investment Services

Whether you're an experienced, hands-on investor or new to the world of stocks, bonds, annuities and mutual funds, when you invest through a Cadence Bank advisor, you gain your own financial advisor to provide a level of proactive service and proficiency that is both detailed and strategic.

The advantage is a focused and motivated investment team to design plans to successfully manage your portfolio. from there, we adopt a long-term controlled risk approach designed to deliver consistent returns and lasting wealth. Our historical success reflects the value of this discipline and our application of a diversified investment strategy.

Cadence Bank offers a broad range of fiduciary services including:

Financial planning and investments

Retirement planning

Trusts and estate planning

An affiliate of Cadence Bank, Linscomb & Williams is a financial advisory firm with more than 40 year's experience helping clients develop comprehensive financial plans and properly manage their investment assets.

With approximately $1.8 billion in assets under management, our investment advisors and financial planning team offer expertise in retirement, estate and tax planning, and wealth management.

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Few of us want to work forever. That's where retirement savings come in. saving early and consistently enables you to build the wealth you will need to retire on your terms. Cadence Bank offers a number of options, from simple to complex, to help you plan for retirement and then save for retirement.

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Trusts and estates provide judicious, efficient management of assets and help ensure your money is bothe protected and used for its stated purposes. cadence provides its customers with decades of experience providing investment services, estate and trust development and administration, and fiduciary services.

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